Those Women Who Broke Families a.k.a. Mistress a.k.a. Kabit

I really hate these mistresses. They are flirts and whores. They are family breakers. Of course, this just apply to those mistress who lured the married men while the men is still wedded to his wife. Those mistress who came after the marriage is off is out of this context… hopefully.

I never thought that I’d hate mistresses this much. They are such whores. Why would they want to lure married men and destroy family? Don’t they have families themselves? What would they feel if their family is broken because of a mistress? Can’t they just find someone who is single and available. Why run after a married man? Is it because of the adventure of an exciting relationship? Do they love that? Having to keep the relationship instead of being proud? Do they want their children with those married man be ashamed and embarrassed because they are born out of wedlock and to add, their mother is a kabit?

And to those men who says, “I’m just a man. I can’t help being seduced by women…” and all those f*cking alibis, well keep your alibi because not everyone would buy it. If you truly love your family, you won’t give in to your manly desires. Do you really want your family to be broken and have you wife and children feeling hurt? Is that it? If you can’t control your effing libido then why marry? You should have just not married and went to those whorehouses and fuck any woman who would hit on them.

To everyone, having a mistress or a male kabit (What do you call them?) is not and never a good thing when your married. It just breaks your family and brings shame not just to you as well as  your wife and children. So please, if you think you can’t control your fucking libido during your marriage, please don’t effing marry.


My Palanca Letters

So during Sendong, a lot of my personal things were gone. My college books, those costly college books like my Fundamentals of Nursing and Anatomy and Physiology, were all part of the casualties. However, after we cleaned up the house, it wasn’t my books or my laptop or my shoes that I really felt sad for being gone. It was my Palanca letters from my friends and family.

Palanca letters were given to us during our fourth-year retreat. A lot of things were there that while I read it all for the first time, I really cried. Well, it wasn’t just me who cried. Those were really important to me because most of the letters that were given to me were personalized. They really put an effort to write a letter for me.

Above: Those are all of my Palanca letters. I’ve read each and every letter and was really touched. Just the simple “Salamat bai” is really big for me. I love those handwritten and unique letters that were given to me. There was one of my batchmate who gave a Palanca letter to ALL OF US. Like he gave all the fourth-years Palanca letters. Thank you Mario :)

Above: Letters from my closest friends. I’m really touched by this because they’re quite long and it’s so good to read. Even though I have drifted apart with some of these people, I still felt very happy because they still remembered me and cared for me.

I wish my letters are still here. I wish I could read them again.

Is It the Government’s Fault?

Originally posted: October 6, 2010
I’ve asked myself this question for sometime now. It’s all up in the news. People rallying in the streets, shouting about their problems to the government. Blaming the government for all the misfortunes that they had. But is it really the government’s problem?

Think about this logic. When you see people rallying, what do you think is the main reason? Maybe for some, their lands, justice and about corruption. But as far as I’ve seen, many people are rallying because of poverty and joblessness. Joblessness? These people that are rallying? Huh, why are these jobless people even doing at the streets? Hmmm… wailing about their misfortune.

If these jobless people even just looked even for a low pay job, will they even call themselves jobless? If these jobless people even tried to study vocation courses, they could have different options on what job they can get, whether it can be mechanics or tailoring. So see? Instead of just rallying on the streets and doing nothing about their joblessness, why not fixed it themselves?

Another is the ever growing of our population. So yeah, poor people are telling the media that they are poor because the government is not helping them and they can’t send their children to school because the government has no enough fund for them. HELLO?! Did ever the government told all couples to make many children because the government will fund all the children’s need? No, the government didn’t and will never be. >.<

Why are there many out of school youths? It’s because their parents cannot afford to send them to school. Reason? Maybe the parents doesn’t have job or has one but can’t really sustain all the needs of the children or maybe, the parents just have many children and just can’t afford to even send them to school. And is it the government’s fault that the parents made many children? NO! it’s the parents. Why do they keep on making children and when they can’t afford to even give the basic need of the children, they blame the government?

The other one is the current floods. It’s rainy season now and many places are always flooding. So people starts to say that it’s the government’s fault that it’s flooding or the fund of DPWH is corrupted that’s why the canals aren’t managed well. Minus the corruption, do you think that it is really the government or the DPWH’s fault why some places are flooding? I don’t think so.

Have you ever seen the pile of trash that the DPWH gets from canals and esteros? Well I’ve seen some and you know what, it’s mostly made up of plastic cellophanes, Styrofoam and papers. Now let me ask you, are all of these trashes from the government? Did the government told the people to throw all their trashes to the canals and esteros? No, right? Our government never did. And why do you think some people are blaming the government because of all these flooding? Maybe they’re guilty and are part of the people who contributed to the flooding of their place.

If I’m just an irrational person, I just can blame the government of all the problems that I have. Like for example, if I fail my quizzes, I just can say ‘It’s the government’s fault that I failed because they’re the reason why this subject exists in the first place’. See? That’s how easy it is. But thinking in a rational way, I can say that I may fail the quiz because I didn’t study. That easy right? I was able to accept the fact that I’m wrong and does not blame anyone for my misfortune, not even the teacher.

So the next time you think about wailing to the government or most specifically to the President himself, think first if is it really the government’s fault or not. Think first if you even did your part in the first place. Think first if it the problem can be solve on your own. Stop wailing like kids to the government even if you only have petty problems. Remember, the government already has many problems. Just imagine the burden that you can to the government because of your petty problem wailing.

My First Essay Writing Award

This has been originally posted in my blogspot blog. This is the first time that I have won a contest with a money prize! How cool is that?

originally posted: December 21, 2010

okay, so last October I joined this essay writing contest and luckily the judges like my entry and I qualified for the second round! <3
So sometime this December, we were called to again join the second and final round. Wow, I was really nervous about it since I don’t know what the topic will be.
The topic for the final round was “I Believe …” . Of course I don’t know what to write. It took me 15 minutes to think of what “I Believe…” I should talk about. I settled for “I believe that the school should not have any sections named as Semi, honors and Gensec” (not the same statement but the same thought).
SO this morning, the winners and finalists were awarded.
This is my award as finalist. :))

And then the moment of truth came. All the finalists were already on stage and the top 4 will be announced. The 4th and 3rd place were already announced and I kinda lost hope., I even told my friends beside me that “We’ll just stay in the corner and let them receive their awards”.
Then suddenly, after some moments, the second place winner was announced. I was shocked when I heard my name. I WON!! :) yahoo !! <3

This is my award as a second placer. It’s actually an envelope and inside it is P4,000 :))

Along with money prize is a medal <3

I won! :))
Now I’ve proved to myself that I am really a writer at heart :))

The Master Chef Judges

I’ve been watching Master Chef since last year.  I love watching it because I don’t know how to cook. It’s so cool watching these people cooking those foods that I have never even tasted or heard of. And of course, I love the okray part of the judges. The part where they give their opinions regarding the contestant’s cooking, whether it’s delicious or not.

The three MasterChef judges are really something. You can actually say that they’re really fit for the job. Their opinions do count, even if kind of insulting sometime. Well, I do have my own opinions regarding these judges.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

He is like THE BOSS. I swear. When he talks, it’s like “Everyone. Shut up. He’s talking”. Yeah, even if I just watch it on TV, I still feel the effect. When he gives his opinion, be prepared. Because he may be directly or indirectly insult your cooking. When he gives a contestant a praise for cooking, wow, the contestant releases a sigh. MR. GORDON APPROVES!

Chef Graham Elliot

Big Chef. Yep, that’s what I call him. Of all the judges, he’s like the tender one. He’s not so hard on giving opinions. But when he starts being really serious, it’s Chef mode on. 

Chef Joe Bastianich

I like to describe him as the cold, hard one. There are times when he talks, it’s like monotonous. When he tastes the cooking of the contestant, the worst thing that he will do is just taste it then leave without a word. You don’t know what’s going on with his mind.

Yep. That’s it. My own personal opinion about them. I respect each and everyone of them because they are all established cooks. One thing that I would like to see on MasterChef: Chef Gordon and Chef Joe LAUGHING SO HARD! I can actually imagine Chef Graham laugh very hard but not the other two judges. I hope someone would crack a good joke and make these three laugh so hard.

Nursing You Say?

Novemeber is near and that’s usually the time when my school is having the entrance exam. Maybe other schools will also start their entrance exams. A lot of high school seniors now may be undecided on what they want to take up for college. I know some would consider taking up Nursing. Maybe because they want to go abroad or be a doctor or really be a nurse. Well, this post will be about a Nursing Student.

My first thought about Nurses is that they’re just the doctor’s assistant. They just follow whatever the doctor said and orders. If the doctor wants them to bathe the client, they should follow. Like slaves. That’s what I always see. Superficial. That thought went out the door when I entered Nursing School.

You see, Nursing is not just caring. It’s an ART and SCIENCE of Caring. So Nurses are not the doctor’s assistant. They are professionals who doesn’t even have Professional Fee. They should be regarded with respect because taking care of someone in pain is not easy. Before you become a nurse, you’re a student nurse first. What should you expect?

(this is based on my experience)

The first thing that you should expect is SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. I rarely have this but many of classmates have sleepless nights. There are times when you have lots of exam for the next day. There was one time when for the whole week, everyday, we have a quiz, long test or return demonstration. It was really a hectic week. However, you can avoid this by managing your time well. Do whatever you can do during your free time so that in the evening, you have less things to do/study, more sleep.

Another is Return Demonstration. Our first RetDem was medical handwashing. It was kind of nerve-wracking considering that it was the first. No matter how simple it was, I still felt very nervous and kept on splashing water on the table. Thank goodness my CI understood. Return Demo should be taken seriously because you could learn a lot from this especially if the CI is the type of teacher who explains things and have lots of patience.

CADAVER. Yes, cadaver. I’ve met these cadavers when I was in first year, 2nd sem for our Anatomy and Physiology. It was not a good meeting. They smelled so bad, but that may because they’re dead already. Before handling a cadaver, you should offer a prayer first. Handle them with respect because these are still humans.  After handling them, pray again for their souls. For the first timers, it’s actually kind of  scary working with cadavers. But as time goes by, it becomes kind of comfy. Also, we usually have classes with cadavers at the back of our classroom covered in blanket. If they smell so bad, we just cover our noses. No big deal.

Blood and lots of it. I’m already exposed to the delivery room and I’ve seen normal deliveries. I actually thought that I would vomit but luckily I did not. Just be strong and think that it’s not that bad. A lot of people say that inside the delivery room, it’s smells bad. My groupmates say that whenever they brush the kelly pad, it was smelly. But I brush it, without my mask, and I don’t even smell anything. If you’re afraid of blood, try to conquer it now. Being splashed with blood is inevitable but you can kind of avoid it if you want to.

Lots of memorization. If you’re not good at memorizing, better be ready. I’m not really good at memorizing but I really tried hard to do it. Some stuffs that you should memorize are the bones, muscles, medications, equations and whatever.

Talking with Strangers. Your clients are people whom you have never met but you should take care of. If you have trust issues or stranger issues, you’ll gonna have a hard time having rapport with your client. You need to be able to have even a bit of connection to the client for the client to be able to follow you.

PAPERWORKS and requirements. I call it paperworks. Before duty, we have a Daily Plan of Activities and General Objective-Specific Objectives sheet that we need to fill up. After days’s duty for the clinical area, we still need to do Nursing Care Plan, drug study, Learning Feedback Diary, (for the  duty week) a Journal, summary and your reaction. For the community, a family care plan, scoring and genogram. So yeah, those are just some of the paperworks.

THOSE EXPENSES. You entered Nursing where tuition is expensive, the other requirements are expensive also. We have a CHN bag which we should bring during duty. Aside from that, there are still lots of things that you should pay for like classes, projects and whatever you should need to pay.

So those are just some of the things that you should know… for now. Just remember, you don’t need to be a genius to be a nurse. All you need is a strong will and willingness to care and learn. Do well! Good luck if you want to be a nursing student :)

My Top 5 Favorite K-Pop Music Videos

So these are my top 5 favorite music videos that belongs to Korean Pop. I’ve been a fan since 2009 and I’ve seen a lot of amazing music videos. These 5 are my top 5 for now.

Bigbang’s Haru Haru

This is definitely in my list. The first time I saw this music video was in Channel V and I immediately fell in love with it. I was seriously teary-eyed after I watched the music video. Even if I can’t understand the words, the music video said it all. I also love GD and TOP’s rap scenes because it’s one of the most epic things that they’ve done.

Super Junior’s Neorago (It’s You)

One of the best there is for Super Junior. This is like not their normal music video where they just dance in a room. This is like one continuous music video. They need to do this perfectly or they’ll gonna mess up the whole music video. The whole feel of the MV is so cool and fits the song.

Bigbang’s Sunset Glow

This is one of a kind music video because the boys are just having fun. When I first saw this, it was like a breath of fresh air for Bigbang because they usually have those dark colored music video or something close to that. Here, they like go to school, to the beach and have mini concert on top of the bus. I hope they’ll remake this someday… maybe after their service in the military. You know, just have some fun together.

SNSD’s Echo

This is actually one of my favorite videos because they all looked so natural here. They all looked so carefree using those white dresses and hat. In addition, HYOYEON looks so beautiful! I’m actually quite disappointed in some of their music videos because Hyoyeon kind of look weird with the style and all. But here, she looks very pretty and very fresh! Just a shame because Hyoyeon only has very few screen time. So overall, the girls look carefree. A break perhaps from their busy schedule.

Gummy’s I’m Sorry

One word: AWESOME! I kind of cried after watching this music video. Mind you, I’m quite emotional so I can cry easily. It’s a sad music video because Dara died. TOP and Dara are the two characters in this music video. Even if we can’t see Gummy, her vocals is amazing! Kudos Gummy :)

So those are my Top 5… for now :)

Master Chef Chrisine Ha

She’s the winner of Master Chef Season 3. She’s Asian. She’s Vietnamese. She’s BLIND.

When I first saw her, I thought, “A handicap girl?” That’s what came into my mind because I saw her with the stick. Her being blind crossed my mind but then I brushed it off because hey, a blind chef?

Last night, as I was watching a show at Star World, the commercial for Master Chef came on. I got curious on whether or not the show is already over so I tried to google it. I wrote “Masterchef 3 winner” and the results came on. The result showed Christine being a winner. I was a bit curious about her since for me, “She’s the handicapped chef”.

As I was reading her Wikipedia, I realized that she really is BLIND! Like seriously. My respect and awesomeness of this woman just went from 50 to 1000!

This woman is an inspiration to all of us. She’s blind yet she can cook better than some of us who can see. She can appreciate colors better than us who can see. And she lives life and does not let her incapability to see put down her spirits.

Mrs. Christine Ha, I salute you!

Oppa Ddaknae Style (Oppa Gangnam Style ver 2) Song Review

I first learned about Oppa Is Just My Style when I was reading some secrets at K-Pop Secrets. I thought that it was just another MV version. Just like a Dance version of Gangnam Style. So I searched the song in Youtube. The first one that I clicked was just an audio of the song. When Hyuna started singing, I thought that the audio was a prank and it was a chipmunk version. Without reading the comments, I closed the window and looked for the MV.

I watched the MV at Psy’s Official Youtube Channel, Official Psy. When Hyuna started saying “Oppa Ddaknae Style”, I almost cringe with her voice. It was ANNOYING! I swear. It was almost like she was trying to sound sexy and yet at the same time cute. It was not a good combination.

You may say that I’m a Hyuna hater. Well, I’m not. I’ve heard her singing and rapping voice. I’m familiar with her songs as well as 4 Minute’s songs. Whenever I listen to Bubble Pop then Oppa Is Just My Style, I just can’t … ugh! It seems like her voice for Oppa Is Just My Style does not suit the song.

And also, for the MV, she acts all SEXY! What?! In Oppa Gangnam Style, I really loved looking at her because she seems like enjoying herself, especially in the last part of the MV.  For this version, she starts to dance that sexy stuff. Can you please like have Hyuna act like normal her rather than sexy her? Even with just one song? She’s sexy already, don’t over-sexy-ize her.

That’s it. My opinion. We have different opinions. What’s yours?

5 Most Good-looking K-Pop Idols … for me

I’ve been into K-Pop for sometime now and I actually admire a lot of them because of their good looks. My list will consist only of superficial beauty. I’m not saying that these are not nice people, I’m just saying that I don’t know them or there personality and I’m just basing it on their outside looks.

  • 2ne1’s Dara

Ever since she joined Star Circle Quest, she has always have that youthful look. Until now, she looks as if she’s not yet in her late 20’s! She still have that radiant skin and a very pretty bare face.

  • Super Junior’s Yesung

He looks playful and gullible during their shows but this guy has charm under his sleeves. He may look like a child but his looks is not. He really looks good when he acts all serious and hot. I first saw his ‘other’ side on Sorry Sorry.

  • Miss A’s Fei
    She maybe sometimes overlooked in the group but dang, this girl has looks. I first took notice of her after I rewatched “Good Girl, Bad Girl”. I immediately saw her as ‘hot’ as she danced during the chorus part. She doesn’t have the ‘cute look’ and not even the ‘fierce look’. She’s kind of in between so she has an edge to be cute or to be fierce. rawr!
  • Big Bang’s TOP

One of the most awesome rappers there is. With his husky voice and pretty face, who wouldn’t like him? I’m kind of happy though that he left that white hair, it made him look older.





  • Big Bang’s Taeyang

THAT EYE SMILE! Who wouldn’t melt? ’nuff said.





That’s my list. There are still a lot in my mind thought so I might as well make another list. For now, I’ll leave to you this one. Do you agree with me or not?