Cybercrime Law?!

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taken from Xavier University- Central Student Government Page

The Cyber Crime Law has lots of holes. and one of it is the “Internet Martial Law”.

The internet has been the hub of the people nowadays. Blogs and social networking sites are what’s in today. Written on blogs are the writers personal opinions and haka-haka on why things are happening. The blogs are like the writer’s self-publish story. The social networking on the other hand is like a netizen’s online mouth. He/She can post anything that he likes. If he doesn’t like this particular person, he can post why. If he doesn’t like how the government is working then he can do so. That, my friends, is the freedom of expression.

And now, our freedom of expression even on the internet is being taken away from us. Where else can we say what we want? All of us are entitled to our own opinions. Even just a petty  bad word to the government will be a ticket for us to jail? How stupid can that be?

As we say, with freedom is responsibility. To be responsible is to think first of what you write. And do you think that writing something bad about the government or whoever influential is bad? Then what is corruption, a gift from hell?

Cyber crime, as I understand, is a crime done over the internet like bullying, death threats and whatever crime there is. Is sharing your own opinion over the internet a crime? I don’t think so. I don’t understand what those senators had in mind when they passed this law.

Walang pakialaman sa opinyon ng ibang tao. Kung ayaw niyo ng masamang opinyon, edi gumawa kayo ng mabuti. If I know, the people who will be active enough to file cases regarding these “online libel” would be those influential people who (A) will feel insulted with what they say ‘stomping’ of their names, (B) feel bad about the truth, (C) people who knows it’s not true but still file a case “because this can affect their dignity”.

Whatever about this, I support having a law against cyber crime but an online martial law? Are you kidding me.

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