Gangnam Style

This is not an ordinary K-Pop song. This is something that actually went big worlwide! akalain mo nga naman :)

So at first, I thought that this would be something that would hit big in Korea but outside of it. Maybe just Asia. I saw this just weeks after I saw YG Family special at Strong Heart so I already knew who Psy was but actually never heard of his music.

When Gangnam Style was released, I actually wasn’t interested with it. But then a lot of kpop fans started to post about this and how ‘fun’ the song is that I got curious. So I downloaded the song and I actually liked it. I told my friends about this and they were like, “Ahh”. But now, they’re like “OPPA GANGNAM STYLE” *add dance step here*

As of now, it’s always on shows, radio and television. One thing that I hate is that I kept on hearing people singing the song wrongly. eff?! I know it’s understandable because it’s not in Korean so why sing it when you don’t understand it? I hate it when someone sings it as “Naneun saranghae”. WHAT?! It’s “Naneun sana-i” as in “I’m a boy”. grrrr… it irritates me, a lot. I also hate those bandwaggoning people. They say “I’m a kpop fan/Psy fan, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!” the hell? That’s not the only Psy song :/

Now that Gangnam style is big, I’m afraid that people will just see Psy as the big Korean guy and not Psy as a musician.


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