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So for tomorrow, we’re required to make an essay about “When man works, he changes the world, he changes himself”. This is for our Philo 15 and I’m currently at loss for words. I actually thought that it would be easy but as soon as I opened Microsoft Word, I actually didn’t know what to write anymore. I’m starting to get frustrated now.

Now I’m here, ranting and stuff. I’m trying to just write something thinking that the idea would just pop out of mu head. As what my teacher says, typing is easy but formulating the essay is not. I totally agree with him. Writing an essay is not easy especially when you’re under pressure. I joined an essay writing once and thank God I won. What did I do? I just stared at an empty space in front of me, stared at my paper, wrote possible topics and then went with the topic that is quite controversial. That made me win.

Work. What is work? For me it is where a person executes something because he has reasons that can benefit and/or because he loves to do the job and finds fulfillment with it. Work may be synonymous with job but I define job as something that a person does because he’s told to do it. Pretty much a robot-like worker. Now, what to add next? See. I’m stuck with this introduction. I don’t know how to add this. How could I fill 2 long bond papers with this? Philosophizing and all… my brain is overworking. I can almost hear it screaming “ABORT MISSION! NO TO BRAIN ABUSE”. Whatever. Finals is this week. We’ll get 2 weeks of relaxation brain, don’t worry.

Oh crooked floors and snapping wings, what should I do now? Reading Philosophy books is not helping. I don’t want to go into that head-churning essays that makes me think, “Does this author knows that he’s writing the same thing over and over again, just different order of words?” Seriously. That’s what I think.

Oh laughing monkeys, I’m gonna try to think of a good essay now so my teacher won’t try to find ways to fail my Essay. Boo-yah! Good luck to myself! :))

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