In the Clinical Area: Ideal vs. Actual

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(note: this is based on my experiences and observations at the PUBLIC HOSPITALS)

When I started to learn about concepts, our teacher kept on saying ‘ideal’, like ideal time, ideal place or anything ideal. When we were oriented for our clinical exposure, our CI’s would tell us “Always keep in mind the ideals”. And that’s what I try to do, go with the ideals. But do situations really go for ideal?

In the delivery room, there are times when a lot of pregnant woman would line up to give birth or times when only a few would give birth. During our discussions, we were told to ‘keep set sterile’-that means that we need to keep the materials needed be sterile as well as our sterile gloves. However, as I’ve observed, sterile gloving  is at times not followed. Some nurses would just wear the right glove in the sterile way while wear the other glove in an unsterile way. I find this unnerving considering that by doing this, they could put the client at risk.

Another thing is that when lots of people are giving birth, those mothers who have just given birth are already asked to stand-up, walk to the stretcher and go up to the ward. Maybe hard to imagine but this happens. You can just hear nurses saying, “Ma’am, tindog na kay naa pa’y manganak” (“Ma’am, stand now cause someone will still give birth). As what my teacher told us, giving birth is very painful. Imagine walking around in pain, can you? I guess the problem here is not on the nurses but on the hospital facility. I hope that there will be a separate birthing home to accommodate these pregnant mothers.

According to Florence Nightingale, environment plays a big role for the recovery of a client. This includes, ventilation, light and those stuffs. But seriously? Who wouldn’t want to recover faster if you’re placed in a crowded, stinky, warm, humid ward? I swear, if I would be put there, I’d pack up and go home. Our wards are not a nice place to accommodate a client. There would be a faster spread of bacteria because of the cramped space AND usually, 2 patients in one bed. Talk about rendering QUALITY CARE and COMFORT TO THE CLIENT. The exact opposite to what our textbooks are saying and to the ideals.

There’s lots of ideals that is not agreeing with what’s happening on the actual setting. The main problem is the hospital itself. It’s not really made to accommodate  a lot of people. The government could have foreseen this one. I don’t think promoting health is one of the government’s main focus because if it is, it could have improved over the years. But noooo, if it did, maybe a bit. Additional facilities, doctors, nurses, how about additional rooms and beds? and maybe electric fan if it’s not too much to ask?

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