Those Ill-Mannered Registered Nurses

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So I’m actually currently a Nursing student and have already started to be exposed in the clinical area. One thing that the higher levels have warned us about are those ‘maldita nurses’. I actually thought that this is some kind of exageration because my mom is a nurse and is not maldita (when she’s not pissed) and even her fellow nurses are not maldita. So I casually just shrugged it away.

When I was exposed to the DR, I immediately understood what those higher-levels meant. Our CI’s kept on telling us to greet nurses and wards men and guards and everyone we meet at the hospital. So naturally,we do that, because of respect to them professional. A simple nod or smile may have been okay but even those are not given by some nurses. When we greet, many smiles back but some just snob us as if no one talked. And they wonder why no one tries to greet them?

At the Ward, that is the place where I experienced that nurse that’s ill-mannered. Before a shift ends, the nurses who will go home will endorse a patient to the upcoming nurses. So of course, since we’re going on duty, we need to be there during the endorsement for us to be able to know what would be the special things to do to render care for our client. But seriously? I have already been to an endorsement only once and the nurse that handled it wasn’t even that nice. There were 2 nurses, a male and female who were having the endorsement and the female kept on endorsing to the guy while we’re trying to catch up. She completely ignored us and that what rages us most. When we go on duty, it can mean that we’re actually helping them and lessen their job like vital signs taking, terminating IV and things that SN’s can do.

I really hate ill-mannered nurses. They just bring bad name to the profession. In this way, nurses can be viewed as terrors in the hospital rather than angels in the sickroom.

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