5 Most Good-looking K-Pop Idols … for me

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I’ve been into K-Pop for sometime now and I actually admire a lot of them because of their good looks. My list will consist only of superficial beauty. I’m not saying that these are not nice people, I’m just saying that I don’t know them or there personality and I’m just basing it on their outside looks.

  • 2ne1’s Dara

Ever since she joined Star Circle Quest, she has always have that youthful look. Until now, she looks as if she’s not yet in her late 20’s! She still have that radiant skin and a very pretty bare face.

  • Super Junior’s Yesung

He looks playful and gullible during their shows but this guy has charm under his sleeves. He may look like a child but his looks is not. He really looks good when he acts all serious and hot. I first saw his ‘other’ side on Sorry Sorry.

  • Miss A’s Fei
    She maybe sometimes overlooked in the group but dang, this girl has looks. I first took notice of her after I rewatched “Good Girl, Bad Girl”. I immediately saw her as ‘hot’ as she danced during the chorus part. She doesn’t have the ‘cute look’ and not even the ‘fierce look’. She’s kind of in between so she has an edge to be cute or to be fierce. rawr!
  • Big Bang’s TOP

One of the most awesome rappers there is. With his husky voice and pretty face, who wouldn’t like him? I’m kind of happy though that he left that white hair, it made him look older.





  • Big Bang’s Taeyang

THAT EYE SMILE! Who wouldn’t melt? ’nuff said.





That’s my list. There are still a lot in my mind thought so I might as well make another list. For now, I’ll leave to you this one. Do you agree with me or not?

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