Oppa Ddaknae Style (Oppa Gangnam Style ver 2) Song Review

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I first learned about Oppa Is Just My Style when I was reading some secrets at K-Pop Secrets. I thought that it was just another MV version. Just like a Dance version of Gangnam Style. So I searched the song in Youtube. The first one that I clicked was just an audio of the song. When Hyuna started singing, I thought that the audio was a prank and it was a chipmunk version. Without reading the comments, I closed the window and looked for the MV.

I watched the MV at Psy’s Official Youtube Channel, Official Psy. When Hyuna started saying “Oppa Ddaknae Style”, I almost cringe with her voice. It was ANNOYING! I swear. It was almost like she was trying to sound sexy and yet at the same time cute. It was not a good combination.

You may say that I’m a Hyuna hater. Well, I’m not. I’ve heard her singing and rapping voice. I’m familiar with her songs as well as 4 Minute’s songs. Whenever I listen to Bubble Pop then Oppa Is Just My Style, I just can’t … ugh! It seems like her voice for Oppa Is Just My Style does not suit the song.

And also, for the MV, she acts all SEXY! What?! In Oppa Gangnam Style, I really loved looking at her because she seems like enjoying herself, especially in the last part of the MV.  For this version, she starts to dance that sexy stuff. Can you please like have Hyuna act like normal her rather than sexy her? Even with just one song? She’s sexy already, don’t over-sexy-ize her.

That’s it. My opinion. We have different opinions. What’s yours?

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