Master Chef Chrisine Ha

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She’s the winner of Master Chef Season 3. She’s Asian. She’s Vietnamese. She’s BLIND.

When I first saw her, I thought, “A handicap girl?” That’s what came into my mind because I saw her with the stick. Her being blind crossed my mind but then I brushed it off because hey, a blind chef?

Last night, as I was watching a show at Star World, the commercial for Master Chef came on. I got curious on whether or not the show is already over so I tried to google it. I wrote “Masterchef 3 winner” and the results came on. The result showed Christine being a winner. I was a bit curious about her since for me, “She’s the handicapped chef”.

As I was reading her Wikipedia, I realized that she really is BLIND! Like seriously. My respect and awesomeness of this woman just went from 50 to 1000!

This woman is an inspiration to all of us. She’s blind yet she can cook better than some of us who can see. She can appreciate colors better than us who can see. And she lives life and does not let her incapability to see put down her spirits.

Mrs. Christine Ha, I salute you!

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