My Top 5 Favorite K-Pop Music Videos

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So these are my top 5 favorite music videos that belongs to Korean Pop. I’ve been a fan since 2009 and I’ve seen a lot of amazing music videos. These 5 are my top 5 for now.

Bigbang’s Haru Haru

This is definitely in my list. The first time I saw this music video was in Channel V and I immediately fell in love with it. I was seriously teary-eyed after I watched the music video. Even if I can’t understand the words, the music video said it all. I also love GD and TOP’s rap scenes because it’s one of the most epic things that they’ve done.

Super Junior’s Neorago (It’s You)

One of the best there is for Super Junior. This is like not their normal music video where they just dance in a room. This is like one continuous music video. They need to do this perfectly or they’ll gonna mess up the whole music video. The whole feel of the MV is so cool and fits the song.

Bigbang’s Sunset Glow

This is one of a kind music video because the boys are just having fun. When I first saw this, it was like a breath of fresh air for Bigbang because they usually have those dark colored music video or something close to that. Here, they like go to school, to the beach and have mini concert on top of the bus. I hope they’ll remake this someday… maybe after their service in the military. You know, just have some fun together.

SNSD’s Echo

This is actually one of my favorite videos because they all looked so natural here. They all looked so carefree using those white dresses and hat. In addition, HYOYEON looks so beautiful! I’m actually quite disappointed in some of their music videos because Hyoyeon kind of look weird with the style and all. But here, she looks very pretty and very fresh! Just a shame because Hyoyeon only has very few screen time. So overall, the girls look carefree. A break perhaps from their busy schedule.

Gummy’s I’m Sorry

One word: AWESOME! I kind of cried after watching this music video. Mind you, I’m quite emotional so I can cry easily. It’s a sad music video because Dara died. TOP and Dara are the two characters in this music video. Even if we can’t see Gummy, her vocals is amazing! Kudos Gummy :)

So those are my Top 5… for now :)

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