Nursing You Say?

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Novemeber is near and that’s usually the time when my school is having the entrance exam. Maybe other schools will also start their entrance exams. A lot of high school seniors now may be undecided on what they want to take up for college. I know some would consider taking up Nursing. Maybe because they want to go abroad or be a doctor or really be a nurse. Well, this post will be about a Nursing Student.

My first thought about Nurses is that they’re just the doctor’s assistant. They just follow whatever the doctor said and orders. If the doctor wants them to bathe the client, they should follow. Like slaves. That’s what I always see. Superficial. That thought went out the door when I entered Nursing School.

You see, Nursing is not just caring. It’s an ART and SCIENCE of Caring. So Nurses are not the doctor’s assistant. They are professionals who doesn’t even have Professional Fee. They should be regarded with respect because taking care of someone in pain is not easy. Before you become a nurse, you’re a student nurse first. What should you expect?

(this is based on my experience)

The first thing that you should expect is SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. I rarely have this but many of classmates have sleepless nights. There are times when you have lots of exam for the next day. There was one time when for the whole week, everyday, we have a quiz, long test or return demonstration. It was really a hectic week. However, you can avoid this by managing your time well. Do whatever you can do during your free time so that in the evening, you have less things to do/study, more sleep.

Another is Return Demonstration. Our first RetDem was medical handwashing. It was kind of nerve-wracking considering that it was the first. No matter how simple it was, I still felt very nervous and kept on splashing water on the table. Thank goodness my CI understood. Return Demo should be taken seriously because you could learn a lot from this especially if the CI is the type of teacher who explains things and have lots of patience.

CADAVER. Yes, cadaver. I’ve met these cadavers when I was in first year, 2nd sem for our Anatomy and Physiology. It was not a good meeting. They smelled so bad, but that may because they’re dead already. Before handling a cadaver, you should offer a prayer first. Handle them with respect because these are still humans.  After handling them, pray again for their souls. For the first timers, it’s actually kind of  scary working with cadavers. But as time goes by, it becomes kind of comfy. Also, we usually have classes with cadavers at the back of our classroom covered in blanket. If they smell so bad, we just cover our noses. No big deal.

Blood and lots of it. I’m already exposed to the delivery room and I’ve seen normal deliveries. I actually thought that I would vomit but luckily I did not. Just be strong and think that it’s not that bad. A lot of people say that inside the delivery room, it’s smells bad. My groupmates say that whenever they brush the kelly pad, it was smelly. But I brush it, without my mask, and I don’t even smell anything. If you’re afraid of blood, try to conquer it now. Being splashed with blood is inevitable but you can kind of avoid it if you want to.

Lots of memorization. If you’re not good at memorizing, better be ready. I’m not really good at memorizing but I really tried hard to do it. Some stuffs that you should memorize are the bones, muscles, medications, equations and whatever.

Talking with Strangers. Your clients are people whom you have never met but you should take care of. If you have trust issues or stranger issues, you’ll gonna have a hard time having rapport with your client. You need to be able to have even a bit of connection to the client for the client to be able to follow you.

PAPERWORKS and requirements. I call it paperworks. Before duty, we have a Daily Plan of Activities and General Objective-Specific Objectives sheet that we need to fill up. After days’s duty for the clinical area, we still need to do Nursing Care Plan, drug study, Learning Feedback Diary, (for the  duty week) a Journal, summary and your reaction. For the community, a family care plan, scoring and genogram. So yeah, those are just some of the paperworks.

THOSE EXPENSES. You entered Nursing where tuition is expensive, the other requirements are expensive also. We have a CHN bag which we should bring during duty. Aside from that, there are still lots of things that you should pay for like classes, projects and whatever you should need to pay.

So those are just some of the things that you should know… for now. Just remember, you don’t need to be a genius to be a nurse. All you need is a strong will and willingness to care and learn. Do well! Good luck if you want to be a nursing student :)

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