The Master Chef Judges

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I’ve been watching Master Chef since last year.  I love watching it because I don’t know how to cook. It’s so cool watching these people cooking those foods that I have never even tasted or heard of. And of course, I love the okray part of the judges. The part where they give their opinions regarding the contestant’s cooking, whether it’s delicious or not.

The three MasterChef judges are really something. You can actually say that they’re really fit for the job. Their opinions do count, even if kind of insulting sometime. Well, I do have my own opinions regarding these judges.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

He is like THE BOSS. I swear. When he talks, it’s like “Everyone. Shut up. He’s talking”. Yeah, even if I just watch it on TV, I still feel the effect. When he gives his opinion, be prepared. Because he may be directly or indirectly insult your cooking. When he gives a contestant a praise for cooking, wow, the contestant releases a sigh. MR. GORDON APPROVES!

Chef Graham Elliot

Big Chef. Yep, that’s what I call him. Of all the judges, he’s like the tender one. He’s not so hard on giving opinions. But when he starts being really serious, it’s Chef mode on. 

Chef Joe Bastianich

I like to describe him as the cold, hard one. There are times when he talks, it’s like monotonous. When he tastes the cooking of the contestant, the worst thing that he will do is just taste it then leave without a word. You don’t know what’s going on with his mind.

Yep. That’s it. My own personal opinion about them. I respect each and everyone of them because they are all established cooks. One thing that I would like to see on MasterChef: Chef Gordon and Chef Joe LAUGHING SO HARD! I can actually imagine Chef Graham laugh very hard but not the other two judges. I hope someone would crack a good joke and make these three laugh so hard.

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