Is It the Government’s Fault?

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Originally posted: October 6, 2010
I’ve asked myself this question for sometime now. It’s all up in the news. People rallying in the streets, shouting about their problems to the government. Blaming the government for all the misfortunes that they had. But is it really the government’s problem?

Think about this logic. When you see people rallying, what do you think is the main reason? Maybe for some, their lands, justice and about corruption. But as far as I’ve seen, many people are rallying because of poverty and joblessness. Joblessness? These people that are rallying? Huh, why are these jobless people even doing at the streets? Hmmm… wailing about their misfortune.

If these jobless people even just looked even for a low pay job, will they even call themselves jobless? If these jobless people even tried to study vocation courses, they could have different options on what job they can get, whether it can be mechanics or tailoring. So see? Instead of just rallying on the streets and doing nothing about their joblessness, why not fixed it themselves?

Another is the ever growing of our population. So yeah, poor people are telling the media that they are poor because the government is not helping them and they can’t send their children to school because the government has no enough fund for them. HELLO?! Did ever the government told all couples to make many children because the government will fund all the children’s need? No, the government didn’t and will never be. >.<

Why are there many out of school youths? It’s because their parents cannot afford to send them to school. Reason? Maybe the parents doesn’t have job or has one but can’t really sustain all the needs of the children or maybe, the parents just have many children and just can’t afford to even send them to school. And is it the government’s fault that the parents made many children? NO! it’s the parents. Why do they keep on making children and when they can’t afford to even give the basic need of the children, they blame the government?

The other one is the current floods. It’s rainy season now and many places are always flooding. So people starts to say that it’s the government’s fault that it’s flooding or the fund of DPWH is corrupted that’s why the canals aren’t managed well. Minus the corruption, do you think that it is really the government or the DPWH’s fault why some places are flooding? I don’t think so.

Have you ever seen the pile of trash that the DPWH gets from canals and esteros? Well I’ve seen some and you know what, it’s mostly made up of plastic cellophanes, Styrofoam and papers. Now let me ask you, are all of these trashes from the government? Did the government told the people to throw all their trashes to the canals and esteros? No, right? Our government never did. And why do you think some people are blaming the government because of all these flooding? Maybe they’re guilty and are part of the people who contributed to the flooding of their place.

If I’m just an irrational person, I just can blame the government of all the problems that I have. Like for example, if I fail my quizzes, I just can say ‘It’s the government’s fault that I failed because they’re the reason why this subject exists in the first place’. See? That’s how easy it is. But thinking in a rational way, I can say that I may fail the quiz because I didn’t study. That easy right? I was able to accept the fact that I’m wrong and does not blame anyone for my misfortune, not even the teacher.

So the next time you think about wailing to the government or most specifically to the President himself, think first if is it really the government’s fault or not. Think first if you even did your part in the first place. Think first if it the problem can be solve on your own. Stop wailing like kids to the government even if you only have petty problems. Remember, the government already has many problems. Just imagine the burden that you can to the government because of your petty problem wailing.

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