My First Essay Writing Award

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This has been originally posted in my blogspot blog. This is the first time that I have won a contest with a money prize! How cool is that?

originally posted: December 21, 2010

okay, so last October I joined this essay writing contest and luckily the judges like my entry and I qualified for the second round! <3
So sometime this December, we were called to again join the second and final round. Wow, I was really nervous about it since I don’t know what the topic will be.
The topic for the final round was “I Believe …” . Of course I don’t know what to write. It took me 15 minutes to think of what “I Believe…” I should talk about. I settled for “I believe that the school should not have any sections named as Semi, honors and Gensec” (not the same statement but the same thought).
SO this morning, the winners and finalists were awarded.
This is my award as finalist. :))

And then the moment of truth came. All the finalists were already on stage and the top 4 will be announced. The 4th and 3rd place were already announced and I kinda lost hope., I even told my friends beside me that “We’ll just stay in the corner and let them receive their awards”.
Then suddenly, after some moments, the second place winner was announced. I was shocked when I heard my name. I WON!! :) yahoo !! <3

This is my award as a second placer. It’s actually an envelope and inside it is P4,000 :))

Along with money prize is a medal <3

I won! :))
Now I’ve proved to myself that I am really a writer at heart :))

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