My Palanca Letters

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So during Sendong, a lot of my personal things were gone. My college books, those costly college books like my Fundamentals of Nursing and Anatomy and Physiology, were all part of the casualties. However, after we cleaned up the house, it wasn’t my books or my laptop or my shoes that I really felt sad for being gone. It was my Palanca letters from my friends and family.

Palanca letters were given to us during our fourth-year retreat. A lot of things were there that while I read it all for the first time, I really cried. Well, it wasn’t just me who cried. Those were really important to me because most of the letters that were given to me were personalized. They really put an effort to write a letter for me.

Above: Those are all of my Palanca letters. I’ve read each and every letter and was really touched. Just the simple “Salamat bai” is really big for me. I love those handwritten and unique letters that were given to me. There was one of my batchmate who gave a Palanca letter to ALL OF US. Like he gave all the fourth-years Palanca letters. Thank you Mario :)

Above: Letters from my closest friends. I’m really touched by this because they’re quite long and it’s so good to read. Even though I have drifted apart with some of these people, I still felt very happy because they still remembered me and cared for me.

I wish my letters are still here. I wish I could read them again.

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