Those Women Who Broke Families a.k.a. Mistress a.k.a. Kabit

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I really hate these mistresses. They are flirts and whores. They are family breakers. Of course, this just apply to those mistress who lured the married men while the men is still wedded to his wife. Those mistress who came after the marriage is off is out of this context… hopefully.

I never thought that I’d hate mistresses this much. They are such whores. Why would they want to lure married men and destroy family? Don’t they have families themselves? What would they feel if their family is broken because of a mistress? Can’t they just find someone who is single and available. Why run after a married man? Is it because of the adventure of an exciting relationship? Do they love that? Having to keep the relationship instead of being proud? Do they want their children with those married man be ashamed and embarrassed because they are born out of wedlock and to add, their mother is a kabit?

And to those men who says, “I’m just a man. I can’t help being seduced by women…” and all those f*cking alibis, well keep your alibi because not everyone would buy it. If you truly love your family, you won’t give in to your manly desires. Do you really want your family to be broken and have you wife and children feeling hurt? Is that it? If you can’t control your effing libido then why marry? You should have just not married and went to those whorehouses and fuck any woman who would hit on them.

To everyone, having a mistress or a male kabit (What do you call them?) is not and never a good thing when your married. It just breaks your family and brings shame not just to you as well as  your wife and children. So please, if you think you can’t control your fucking libido during your marriage, please don’t effing marry.

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