WordPress vs. Tumblr

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So I have both WordPress and Tumblr blogs. Both have it’s own pros and cons. So I’m here to differentiate the two based on my own experience.


If you want like serious blogging, I would recommend WordPress. That’s because I find WordPress more formal than Tumblr. However, if you want to be able to tweak your theme or add a theme not in the theme list, then better get out of WordPress. WordPress.com (the free one) doesn’t have a feature where you can add your own custom links and tweak your theme or get theme other than from the theme list. You need to be on WordPress.org to be able to have this feature.

In WordPress, you can easily check the people who likes your post, follow and see your site statistics. Seeing your site stats can enable you to know whether or not someone is even reading your post.


Tumblr is more of an informal blogging. I like Tumblr because I can post really short stuffs even if it’s just a picture or a video. It’s easy hosting. You can add links and add themes from other sources. You have the liberty to tweak the theme to your own desire (but please credit the original owner). Also, you can see lots of posts there like gifs, videos and fandoms. So if you want to be actually very updated with your fandom, you can use Tumblr.

There. I hope that’s okay. That’s my basic experience with these blogging platforms. Which one do you prefer?

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