Hyuna’s Ice Cream (Music Video Review)

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For the record, I am not a Hyuna fan nor a hater. I happened to get curious about this when I saw the trailer. I mean, really? My first thought was, “So Korea actually allowed that?” Given that there are already many music videos/choreography/songs that were actually banned because of explicit themes, they allowed this? [check this site for 10 banned songs: http://www.buzzfeed.com/empressmaruja/5-hottest-banned-korean-pop-music-videos-1fox]

When Psy entered, I was like, “Oh yeah, Gangnam style. She was there”. Then he started eating the chocolate with that disturbing slurping sound. Then Hyuna came and started scolding him. However, Psy just kept on licking that ice cream while staring at Hyuna and more of that disturbing slurping sound. Can’t it be more awkward especially given that I don’t have an innocent mind? Don’t forget the clown. The clown that Hyuna hit. And she just ‘appeared’ guilty then waved bye. What?

The only part that I saw some ‘swag’ is from 0:45-:47. Like Hyuna is more her, more street, more edgy. Other than that, Hyuna for me is someone who’s trying to be sexy and seductive while remaining to be cute. She succeeds on the cute side, I don’t know with the other side. It’s too trying hard for me, like she’s being pushed to sell her body for bidding through this music video. Sorry Hyuna.

And please, the lyrics. Really? ‘Chocolate ice cream like my dark skin’ You’re not even brown! You’re not dark-skinned! Who the heck composed this song and who does he think is he giving this song to? Can’t they just even make it like ‘Vanilla ice cream like my white skin’. 

Overall, the beat is catchy, yeah. After watching the music video, I’ve got a bit of LSS here. I’m kind of glad I don’t understand Korean because the English translation of the song is horrible. Horrible lyrics+slutty(sorry)-wannabe music video+catcy beat+cute-but-trying-to-be-sexy-Hyuna= Ice Cream.

‘Nuff said.

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