K-Pop For Newbies

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I’ve been a K-Pop since 2009 during Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry era. I was amazed by the unique tune of the song and the fact that I like the song even if I don’t understand the lyrics. So I researched more about other songs and was introduced to Girls Generation’s Gee and Genie. Then came one of my favorite music and music videos, Neorago (It’s You).

Compared to now, there were only few active groups yet I kind of know the groups that are debuting at these time and actually watch out for them. The concepts, even if it’s kind of repetitive, is also unique for each group. I used to be able to distinguish one idol from another group to another idol from another group because of the less number. Now, all I watch out for is the hair because usually, it’s the hair that becomes the trademark.

So if you’re a newbie K-Pop fan and only knows like 3 K-pop groups, really? I’m not insulting you but be really ready because there would be K-Pop groups overload for you. If you’re a netizen, you would see lots and lots of fanwars concerning the idols and their ‘fans’.

What should you look out for in K-Pop?

  • FANWARS – either it’s subtle or very obvious, expect this. You could see this on Youtube videos or articles or Twitter or anywhere where a rabid fan could detect a hater to his/her bias/bias group. Fanwars is in it’s subtle mode when it’s only known by a few people or obvious when a lot of the members from each fandom becomes involve. If this happens, get ready for an online bullying. If you want to state a negative opinion regarding a certain group/idol, make sure that you can stand by it.
  • Being called a  KOREABOO (for non-Koreans)- I’ve been called a Korean wannabe for lots and lots of times. But I don’t care, cause I know I’m not. I listen to K-Music and admire K-Dramas, but that does not mean that I’m less of a Filipino or I’m denouncing my nationality. If you’re sure that you’re not a Koreaboo, just don’t mind those people who have nothing better to do in their life.
  • Buying Albums- I have never bought an album related to K-Pop, or any music. Why should I? I know it could affect the standing of my bias group in some music shows and award giving body but I really don’t want to be broke and ask for more money. Usually, there is the first release, then the second/repackage then another repackage. If you’re rich, go ahead, buy all those albums released. I swear the entertainment company is just trying to milk money out of you/
  • Comebacks- yeah. One of my favorite parts. The time when you get to have a countdown and actually watch the comeback over the internet and spazz. I did that with Super Junior’s Bonamana comeback. Good ol’ Days.
  • Debuting groups– from 2010 onwards, it was like a debut storm. Lots of rookie groups debuted, some failed, some soared high. It actually depends on the timing of their debut. But nevertheless, you could see lots of posts by netizens regarding ‘how cool’,’pretty’,’talented’ these groups are. Whatever. I stopped looking forward for debuting groups after the first half of 2010.
  • Delusional Fans- or known as saesang fans. These are the fans who wants their oppa or unnie to be their perfect other half. You’ll see lots of these.
  • Repetitive Music and Concepts– bad but yes. Since there are lots of K-Pop groups right now, almost all concept is already taken up so they’ll just gonna have the same concept with the others. Would you like to have a concept like Goth? Just toe be different, don’t you think?
  • Random English Phrases on Songs– ‘Elastic, Elastic’, ‘really? What the heck is elastic? But be used to this, especially some doesn’t even makes sense.

I think that’s all for now. I’m not an expert to this but I’m just sharing my thoughts.

Welcome to the K-Pop World.

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