Should Death Penalty Be Brought Back Again in the Philippines?

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I think no. What good will it be if we kill a person? Will that person’s life undo what had happened?

I’m blogging this in my own perspective. As what I’m seeing, death penalty cannot solve the bigger problem. What we need is a change in the system and justice, not a frigging death penalty. If a person kills then brought to jail then sentenced to death, do you think the family will be forever happy? They can say that justice is served. But where is justice? Do you think the life of the suspect can bring back the life of his victim? Do you think that suspect will realize more what he had done when he’s dead?

What I’m more agreed to is life sentence. In this way, the suspect can reflect more on what he had done. He can also set as an example for people not to follow. He can understand more why he’s being punished like that and feel guilty on the thought of killing someone.

You, are you also against death penalty?

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