Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Movie Review)

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This afternoon, I went at Centrio Ayala to watch Breaking Dawn with my friend. When we arrived there, the tickets for 1:10 pm showing is already sold out! Imagine our horror! There were actually three cinemas for Breaking Dawn and the next earliest showing would be at 2:30 pm. My friend and I just decided to just roam around the mall and forget about watching the movie today. THEN, we called another friend where they are and they said that they’re watching Breaking Dawn! And there’s not lots of people! And the mall is literally just across the mall we’re currently at! Awesome!

When the movie started, I started to review the book in my head. On what happened, the names (those vampires!), the situations and what stuffs. I incorporated what I saw on the movie to the book. Well, let’s just say I kept on saying “That’s not in the book!”. Seriously, they added and deleted some stuffs from the book, what could you have expected?

The story went on and I can say that I’m quite disappointed from the beginning till the middle. It wasn’t much of fun for me because I have already read the book and knew what would happen (duh, no one died). I explained some stuffs to my friends (there were four of us) about some details that they do not understand and know… I felt so cool.

On one side, it was actually fun to watch. With  Bella trying to be human then Edward becoming the inspiration for Bella to expand her shield and other stuffs, it was actually funny. One of my favorite scene was when Bella was trying to expand her shield then did it successfully, the part where Edward told Emmett to be the next ‘inspiration’ cracked all of us up. :)


The best part for me started during the ‘war’. When the Volturi came, they looked so many. Like they formed a line and had this illusion. As well as the the Cullens and their allies, they seemed too many alongside with those werewolves/shapeshifters. However, when the camera was zoomed out, all of us (everyone inside the cinema house!) actually laughed at how few they were. It felt like we were mocking them…we kind of were.

Then Edward went forward, then Bella with Renesmee and Jacob and Emmet to have Aro read Edward and Renesmee’s mind. Then came Jasper and Alice. My favorite part. When Alice gave her hand to Aro, the ‘war’ began. I was actually kind of angry during that part because in the book, there was never a war! They just talked with Bella shielding all of them. But in the movie, Carlisle, Jasper, Leah and Seth died. You can never imaging how outraged I was (and some people at our backs). But then, when the scene came back to the part where Aro was holding Alice’s hand, I kind of like, “oh. it was just Alice’s vision”. Clever people.

So it’s okay. The movie is okay. Kind of exceeded my expectation by 1 inch. So to rate, I would give it 7/10 (1 point for the cleverness).

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