Philippines Needs DISCIPLINE

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During our Sociology and Anthropology class, our teacher asked us if my city is a progressive country. Well, for now actually, my city has attracted lots of tourists and businesses are already booming. Naturally, a lot of us said yes. However, at the back of my mind, I can’t help but think that we’re not really that progressive. A classmate of mine who seats behind me said, “Dili kay wala’y disiplina ang mga tao” (“No, because the people are not disciplined”). I turned to her and gave her a high five.

You see, Philippines is a place where you can see a lot of undisciplined people. Let’s look at it in details. A simple falling in line can never be usually followed. You can always see line breakers or someone who just insert. Of course, a lot of people instantly get pissed and then a little confrontation could happen then the line would disperse then the people will start pushing. Where the heck is discipline there? Shouldn’t we fall in line properly to avoid any confrontations and pushing? Shouldn’t we have orderliness for things to finish smoothly?

Another thing my teacher told us is that when we live here, we cannot see how dirty our country (or city) is. But when we go to other country, we instantly compare their country to ours. I have been to Hong Kong and Macau and I can tell you that their country is really clean. Their people are very disciplined in throwing trashes on garbage bins. Once, when we we back to the hostel we were staying, a Filipina (a tourist) was eating something. Then she accidentally dropped the floor on the ground. Thinking that no one saw her, she tried to walk fast without even picking up the food. Unfortunately for her, the guard saw her and made her pick up the food. I felt ashamed seeing this because it just shows that even in other countries, a lot of my countrymen are not disciplined and not even bothered on leaving a liter on a VERY CLEAN PLACE WHERE NOT EVEN A LEAF IS SEEN!

Discipline is one problem equally worse with Corruption, if not worst. Without this, our country can never move forward. We will never regain our former glory.


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