Why Do I Love Gloc-9?

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Because he’s an epic rapper. I love his songs. I love his compositions. I love his collaboration with other artists to create an amazing music. A music in Filipino language. A music with story and not just noise. A rap with an art.

The first song I heard from his was Simpleng tao (Simple Person). His voice first attracted me to him because it wasn’t deep like other rappers have like Eminem. He have this high pitch voice where you’ll be drawn and just listen to the song.

So I’ll just let the songs tell you their story. If you can’t understand the Filipino language, I do sub songs and trailers to English so you can ask me to sub songs and I’ll tell you if I’ll do it. :)

Upuan (feat. Jeazell Grutas)

A song where their main target are the high government officials or anyone holding a high position.

Walang Natira (feat. Sheng Belmonte)

Talks about how there used to be lots of teachers and other workers in their place (kind of symbolism of the Philippines) but now, no one is left cause everyone has already gone abroad.


About dreaming and trying to achieve it despite of lots of obstacles on your way.

Sirena (feat. Ebe Dancel)

In the point of view of a gay on how his father and society treats him. One of his iconic words here are :

Anak, patawad sana sa lahat ng aking nagawa
Di sinusukat ang tapang at ang bigote sa mukha
Dahil kung minsan mas lalaki pa sa lalaki ang bakla

Eng translation:

My son I am sorry for what I have done,

Being a man is not measure by bravery and amount of mustache in your face

Because at times, gays are manlier than men.

Another reason why I love him, his songs are representation of what a lot of people would like to say. His songs are timely and timeless.

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