Can this be true, CAGAYAN DE ORO?

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I have lived here in Cagayan de Oro ever since I was born. For the past 17 years, I have seen lots of improvements and downsides of the city. I have my own opinions, good and bad, about my city.

Before April 2011, I saw Cagayan de Oro as a ‘clean’ city. Of course, I have observed that their are trashes everywhere, but I have never thought that our city is really THAT dirty. When I went to Cebu, I was amazed on how clean their city is. Yes, there are still garbage a bit here and there, but the cleanliness is nothing compared to Cagayan de Oro. I have told myself, wow, Cagayan de Oro is really dirty. Then we went to Hong Kong for a vacation and please, it’s WAY cleaner that Cebu. You’ll actually feel embarrassed if ever you would throw even a wrapper of candy because the place is almost spotless clean. Can CDO be like this too?

I have a list of things that I would to see here in our city. Of course not immediately because that’s impossible, but I hope this would be sooner.

  • CLEAN CITY– I would like to go out of my house without not worrying about stepping on an animal feces or seeing a pile of garbage on the side. Aren’t we trying to attract tourists here? If that’s the case, then why don’t we clean our city first? Aren’t we embarrassed that these tourists can see how dirty our place is?
  • LESS TRAFFIC– I have experienced travelling from our house to Divisoria at 6 am and the travel was a breeze. No rowdy drivers, faster travel time, no traffic jams and other traffic problems. However, during rush hours, the traffic is unbelievable especially near Gaisano as well as the street near Coca-Cola and Cogon (I’m sorry, I’m not good with remembering street names). Traffic lights should also be put in stratgeic places especially those without RTAs. And I hope RTAs will really work because some of them just stand at the side. I hope traffic problems would be less.
  • NO MORE ROWDY DRIVERS AND UNDISCIPLINED PEDESTRIANS – and that means drivers who knows where the jeepney stop is and where is not. For the Jeepney drivers, anywhere is a jeepney stop except if there are RTAs or police or security guards who reprimand them. Also, people should know why pedestrian lanes exist. This is actually very irritating because it shows lack of discipline and inability to follow simple rules.
  • LESS STREET PEOPLE- or family. At Divisoria, every morning, there is this family who sleeps beside Dunkin Donuts. It’s annoying because they actually are potential workers but then they just ASK FOR ALMS. There was a little child, maybe 1 year old, who just struts there without clothes on.  Also, these people who live in the streets are very annoying. There are times when I eat food while walking because our break time is only very short, then this street child would usually just go in front of me and ask for my food. I haven’t eaten enough yet. There are lots of people who lives on the streets and I hope their is a branch of government or NGO who would address to this problem.
  • BETTER HEALTH FACILITIES– I was already exposed to the City Hospital and Provincial Hospital and I was really disappointed. This is a government-owned hospitals yet I don’t think this service is enough. Personally, I would rather go to German Doctors Hospital rather than to the government-owned hospitals.
  • CURFEW– which should be properly implemented. This is the reason why a lot of minors are being involved  in crimes. Policemen and officials should be alert when they see minors because their safety could be endangered or they are the ones who could endanger someone else’s safety.
  • DEEPER RIVERS – remember Sendong? They say that one of the cause of the flood was our shallow rivers and I agree. The river is getting shallower and I hope that soon, they will have to act to make a the rivers deeper.
  • CLEAN ELECTRICAL WIRING – one of my hatest sight. You look up, and the first thing that you see is a badly-tangled electrical wiring. I heard that the government is starting to fix this problem.

These is my list. I understand that for Cagayan de Oro to progress, it should not only be the government who will work but also all of us. All of us are affected on the things that happen in our city and we should be involved.

(more stuffs may be added to the list) ^_^

1 comments on “Can this be true, CAGAYAN DE ORO?”

  1. If these were true, living in CDO would be definitely the ideal place to raise your family. From the simple rules being followed to its cleanliness, living in one of the houses in Cagayan de Oro City is definitely one of best decision you could make yourself.

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