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This is my take in the letter of Jaeyoun Kim which I posted (

Love the Philippines. It´s easy to say “Mahal ko ang Pilipinas” (I love the Philippines). Whenever someone brings home the glory to the country even if it’s from boxing or a math olympiad, we can see comments like these. But what really is the mark when you can say that you love the Philippines?

I love my country. I really do. This is not just something that I say because I have to, because I live in this country. After I read the letter, I felt ashamed. Ashamed because I feel like my love for my country is not enough. My country is one of the corrupt countries in the whole world, thankfully not the top. One of the dirtiest and most undisciplined country. We can never see the bad side of our country if we are not open minded and won’t take into consideration the opinions of the foreigners who have visited our country.

I actually envy South Korea. A lot of times I have thought, what if I was born a Korean? I wouldn’t have to endure living in this polluted place. I would live in a clean environment. I won’t be worrying if I have stepped on a dog feces if I smell something bad. South Korea is a booming country because it’s not just the government who is working but also it’s people. Unlike here in the Philippines where the poor’s problems is also the problem of the government. Can’t they handle themselves?

Let’s love our country. Start off by not throwing garbage ANYWHERE. This is basic but can really help us big time. No more clogged canals, no more mountains of garbage, no more embarrassing sights. Follow the rules and regulations, and that includes falling in line, traffic rules and everything that all of us does not follow.

Showing your love to your country should not be just until the comments and posts. It should be shown even in your own little ways.

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