A 24-Year Old Dating a 12-Year Old?

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To be said that I was disturbed by this news is an understatement. I mean, I was shocked. Really. The first thing that came to my min is: Pedophilia?

For me, I think that 12-year age difference is nothing. As long as you love that person trully, then nothing can stop you. However, being in a relationship at this age? Are you kidding me? I mean the kid still has puberty and teenage years to pass through.

I don’t think their relationship will last long. I am sorry. That’s because the kid still has a long way to go. It’s still a bit early for her to declare that he will be the one she would marry and spend all her life. She haven’t met other people yet. However, if they do stay forever, then I’ll admit I’m wrong.

Well, a lot of unexpected things are happening today. What’s with people hurrying up to be in a relationship?

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