Girl’s Generation/SNSD’s Dancing Queen (Music Video Review)

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The first time that I heard that SNSD had released a new MV, I wasn’t really excited. I’m not a really big fan of them but I do enjoy their songs. It’s just that The Boys for me wasn’t really that awesome and lack the cool-ness and SNSD’s personality. I’m not saying that they should stick with cuteness and other things related to it, I’m just saying that they like deviate from their own selves. They look cool with Run Devil Run.

Dancing Queen is basically their Korean cover for Duffy’s Mercy. I have never heard of Duffy. I’m sorry but it seems like I was never familiar with her songs. When I heard the song, I automatically thought “Oh, a retro song” which led me to their song Top Secret.

At the entrance of their music video, the girls are seen minding their own business while Yoona is busy on her device. She calls the other girls and click the middle button which led them to 2008. When they started dancing, I saw that their clothes are like in Gee. The brightly colored set and clothes made this MV fresh and SNSD-ish. I just have to say this, Yoona looked a bit like f(x)’s Krystal and I was confused for a moment. They also had the “white version” as I like to call it just like the one in Gee. Except that here, they’re using pants instead of shorts. Their dance is also very nice and addictive and very groovy. Something that is easy to learn.

Their curves are really shown right now. I like the way they are styled: Youthful and Simple. Thank goodness Sunny’s hair here is not yet… meh.

So over-all,  my grade for this music video is: 4/5 (because I didn’t like the part where aegyo is too much for me. I hope that it had less aegyo and more youthful-mature MV)

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