To the Future Mayor of Cagayan de Oro

So the national and local elections is just months away and lots of politicians are starting to become epal. Commercials here, commercials there, commercials everywhere. But I’m not here to talk about these epal politicians but about my ‘open letter’ to whoever would be voted as the new mayor of my city.

Mayor, I hope that you won’t be a ningas-kugon. I hope that you’re ‘loyalty’ and ‘honesty’ will last for a long time until your term ends. I don’t want to hear any corruption problems and issues on how you run the city. The people voted you because they trust you and they ‘think’ that you can lead them.

I have made a list of what I perceive to be my CDO when run by an awesome and responsible mayor.

  • CLEAN CDO. A CDO where you can just walk even in the daytime without having the problem to change route because of the danger of being too close to a smelly pile of junk. I want to see a CDO where whenever I look around, I can see near spotless roads and perhaps some leaves from the trees. And oh, I want lots of trees. Those trees that people ‘planted’ on the middle of the road are bit of a failure because I never saw them grow as they tall and as useful and pretty as they should be. I love walking on the street at early morning because the roads are almost spotless and there’s this vehicle which cleans the road *cool*. I want a not very dusty roads. Every time I ride a jeepney on the way to somewhere, when I wipe my hankie on my face, I instantly see a very dirty handkerchief. *tsktsk* Strict implementation of DO NOT THROW YOU GARBAGE ANYWHERE. Please just please.
  • LESS PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREET. These are the people that I hate seeing especially those that I see everyday. Whenever I go to school, there is this certain family that lives beside a food chain and they are really annoying the hell out of me. The mother and other family members are obviously able-bodied but I don’t think they’re really doing much to alleviate their current status. I also hate seeing these street children because they are born to parents who are either not really able to raise them like even a middle-income families could or they’re just too irresponsible to take care of their children. I hope that they would make an independent body and not just rely on DSWD to actually take care of these people because they can only do so much and a little help can actually make a huge difference.
  • BETTER TRAFFIC FLOW. CDO already has lots of vehicles compared before. And that means more rowdy and uncivilized and not so law-follower drivers. I hope that they would strongly implement whatever laws regarding traffic and that includes where to load and unload passengers, where to pass and where to park. They should be stricter with this because this can really add more to the current traffic problem of the city. I also hope that they would be able to make a very big parking lots somewhere in divisoria or wherever because I hate seeing these cars parallel parking on the sides of very narrow roads. It just adds to the problem of traffic and I don’t think these drivers aren’t much of a help because they just left their cars there for a loooooooooong time. In relation to this, I hope that there would be a stricter implementation of people passing on pedestrian lanes. These are painted on roads for reasons and should be use for it’s own reason. I hate seeing people from Centrio going to Gaisano just crossing the road without using the pedestrian lane. Is really walking just a short distance too much of a hassle or you’re just letting your laziness overcome you.
  • PROMOTION OF EDUCATION. Education is supposed to be a right, but now it’s just a privilege. I hope that one day, there would be a really strong program and campaign to promote education to everyone and for all of us to have the equal right to be able to go to school. I also hope that there would be more classrooms and more school paraphernalia that would be allotted to enable children to be more inspired to study. More teachers, I hope, should be hired and good benefits should be given to them because teaching the future of our country is not an easy task.
  • BETTER HEALTH CARE FACILITIES. I have been exposed to the clinical area and all I can say is that, “Thank goodness my family has enough money to have me go to a private hospital whenever I get sick”. Why? Because I don’t think that our public hospitals is good enough. What’s with a humid and smelly ward? I don’t think that is conducive for healing. I hope that they would actually start to slowly make a project for a better service to people. I’m not saying that our public hospitals are ugly and filthy but I’m just saying is that we can do much better than what we’re showing right now.

I don’t know if I had made my points across but I hope I did. Some people may agree or disagree with me. Some may also have more suggestions to be added to this list. But I hope that you, MAYOR, will be able to lead our city and show it’s full potential.

God Bless.


PERSON Program?

So there’s this PERSON Program that is required for my Ethics class. At first, I did not think so hard about this because I thought that this was just something like a one day affair and we need to like ‘experience’ the hardships of work and understand the ‘dignity of human labor’. It turns out that we need to complete 12 hours of work and make a reflection. Dafuq?

My issue here is that I basically already has an idea of this ‘dignity of human labor’ that they talked about. Having a duty twice a week for at most 8 hours without pay (aside from my baon) pretty much sums up my issue. I already know how it feels to work and the responsibility that we shoulder once we’re already in the hospital premises. And we’re required to have a reflection after 12 hours. Our teacher said that it’s okay to put that we didn’t learn anything if it’s true. I have the idea of putting at my reflection paper, “I knew that I should have learned something after 12 hours. But after being exposed to the community and clinical area, I have already learned those before hand. So to say that I learned something awesome for 12 hours is a lie because I daresay that I didn’t”. My reflection would be on that line. 

I REALLY HOPE THAT MY EXPERIENCE WOULD BE UNIQUE. Why? because even having this freaking orientation is already a burden to us. OUT OF ALL THE ORIENTATION DATES, WE DON’T HAVE ANY FREE TIME! So we were thinking, are we the ones who should adjust? We have lessons during those times and we can’t easily tell our teacher, “Pause first, we have an orientation to join”. HECK! Then we went to the KKP office and talked to someone. Our Orientation would be on Monday at 3 pm. ANOTHER HECK! Before that time, I will have a duty at DR from 10 pm of Sunday to 6 am on Monday. I was planning to rest from 8 am to 3 pm just so I won’t really have a bad headache and time during the duty. Then this effing schedule came out and turns out that I need to wake up at 1:30 pm just so I can arrive at school on time. F*** THEIR SYSTEM!

Ugh. I’m really stressed and annoyed right now. 

I Need A Better Philippines

I was watching Don’t Tell My Mother which featured Philippines and I was quite happy that the host has managed to get a sneak peak of the downside of Manila while seeing the fun side of it. While watching, I can’t help by really think of bad things about our country’s capital city. Since this is our capital city, it could actually reflect badly about the whole image of the country. Since Manila is dirty, a visitor could easily say that Philippines is dirty.

The population of the Philippines is BOOMING! I did hope that only our economy would boom. Well, we can say that side by side with poverty is people with no jobs who just thought of having sex as their past time. I hate seeing poor families having lots and lots of children. How can they even sustain these kids if they can’t even take care of themselves? And not they are asking help from the government? Who do they think they are? They are just adding problems to the government. Instead of just lazing around, they should have just looked for jobs or signed up on those workshops run by the NGO.

The slum area is one problem of the government… of THE PEOPLE IN THE PHILIPPINES! It is such an eyesore. I don’t understand how people managed to end up on those slum areas. Some are born there already. Unfortunately, many people living in these places are those who have lots of children, kept on gambling and drinking and doesn’t have any plans with their lives. They are like the palamunin of the government.


Filipino Time or Just Laziness?

Every time we have a group project and needs meetings during non-class days, part of the plan is always making the meet-up time 30 minutes earlier. So if we decide on meeting each other at 9 am, we set the meeting time at 8:30. In this way, we can be ‘assured’ that all of us would be at the meeting place by 9:15 or 9:30. You may ask, what kind of logic is this? Logic? Well, it’s just that we put in mind the freaking ‘Filipino’ time.

What is the ‘Filipino’ time? This is the time when a Filipino arrives late at a meeting place. Preferably, 30 minutes late. It’s quite common actually. A lot of people are doing this. And it’s really annoying.

I grew up with my grandmother and at an early age, it was instilled in my mind NEVER to be late. She was an elementary teacher and so she needs to be at  school before 7 am. Ever since I was almost 2 years old, I have been going with her to school and so I was disciplined in the art of going to a meeting place early. I just hoped that this same time discipline has been instilled on ALL PEOPLE. But I was wrong.

One of my hatest things in life is lateness. I hate waiting at the meeting place. I feel like I should have been doing already a lot of things if not for the waiting. I hate my time being wasted by other people. It’s very rude to waste another person’s time and make them wait. It’s like your making yourself special. You’re not. You’re annoying.

So please, please, just don’t be lazy. There’s no such this as Filipino time, just lazy people.

SNSD/Girl’s Generation’s I Got A Boy (Music Video Review)


This is the first SNSD music video that I really looked forward to watch because the teaser was good. The girls wearing something like punk, disregarding their usual dresses and cutesy clothes. They had a strong teaser photos and video. I actually expected an over the top music video.

On the intro, you can see the girls minding their own business inside the room. Then a guy comes buzzing the doorbell and instantly, all of them ‘panicked’ and the scene becomes SM’s favorite part, the stopping of everything midair or the ‘matrix’. The face of the guy is obscured by his hair and so I guess we would be in the shadows as to who this guy really is.


The song started with “A-YO GG!” which is a really good start. Then Sooyoung rapped fairly with what’s supposed to be hip hop actions. Then Yuri followed. Yuri definitely is suited for their current theme and look because she looks mature and not out of place. She also rapped quite fairly, the same as Sooyoung. This is the first SNSD song where the rap goes first or where there’s actually a pretty decent rap that I like.

When Taeyeon started to sing, I find it nice because she looks her age. This suits her because she needs to grow up and start to shed off that cutesy behind her. Seohyun looks out of place. I mean, she really is the innocent type and I think she has a hard time pulling this off. Sunny as usual with her cutesy voice. I hate it when that happens. I heard some SNSD songs where Sunny’s cute voice is not evident and you can actually here a mature voice. I hope that happened here because her voice totally blew off the ‘strong’ image she was supposed to portray.

Yoona rapping? She should stick to it. She’s never one of the good voices in SNSD and I think she can rap if she’ll just have to practice. It’s good too that she’s able to break free from her cutesy and ‘innocent’ image as the face of SNSD and able to give a strong image for this MV. Hyoyeon rapping? I expected it. I mean she usually gets fewer lines alongside with Yoona. I also find her amusing because it seems like she did not need try to ‘act’ for this MV as a strong person but just to act herself and rap and dance her way.

Tiffany with her ever-present eye smile is still ever-present. However, she did this during the slow moments of the song. In the first part where she says, “Here comes trouble!”, I actually find that fierce. Jessica is still pretty. She really does look like a girl going on shopping here.

For the dance, I find it nice but not really that great. It’s really deviation from their previous dance routines. However, it seems like some members are not really good at this popping and hip hop stuff which makes them look like stiff and awkward to look at. Hyoyeon looks good in this because this is her specialty. However, some do have trouble with the step and that’s one the faults that I find in this music video. I do hope they can pull this off on their live performances.

Their clothes. Hmmm… what to say? I don’t like it that much. I think it’s really overdone and layering at it’s best. Since they have lots of strong moves, I hope that they toned down the clothes for us to be able to actually appreciate and for them to clearly define the moves. I actually kept on being distracted with the clothing colors on some parts because it’s somewhat colorful and their background is colorful. Am I watching a rainbow? It’s a good thing that they use white sneakers in some parts because we can see their footworks clearly.


Hairs. It’s a big thing because the hair is a crowing glory for a woman. Most of them actually has their suited for them and the colors are quite nice. My favorites are Sooyoung’s and Jessica’s. My hatest is Sunny’s. The green one is pretty like a moss. It looks like a mop. Short hair suits her but not the green. Pink is also not that flattering because it just made her more like a kid. I don’t understand what the hair stylist thought about this. I think a darker shade of  red suits Sunny more, not pink.


FINALLY, the song. I feel like I’m listening to 2 or 3 different songs, just the same background music. Dubstep? You won’t be disappointed. First part is fierce, strong… showed the cool and strong side of SNSD. Then it started to get slower, but still near the first part. It’s actually a good transition and won’t make you feel lost. However, the TaeTiSeo part made me lost. Am I still watching the same MV? It’s quite confusing because I think the only thing that connected that part to the rest of the song is the background…dubstep. The song, in general, is pretty addictive and I’m currently having an LSS for this.

Overall, the music video is a bit dizzying and confusing, but that’s okay. I’m used to that. I’ll look forward for the drama version, if there is, and I hope it won’t be confusing and would actually have a consistent story line. I quite expected an MV like this because it’s kind of an SNSD counter-MV of SJ’s Sexy, Free and Single.

My score for this music video is: 4/5 (because I got confused while watching the MV)