SNSD/Girl’s Generation’s I Got A Boy (Music Video Review)



This is the first SNSD music video that I really looked forward to watch because the teaser was good. The girls wearing something like punk, disregarding their usual dresses and cutesy clothes. They had a strong teaser photos and video. I actually expected an over the top music video.

On the intro, you can see the girls minding their own business inside the room. Then a guy comes buzzing the doorbell and instantly, all of them ‘panicked’ and the scene becomes SM’s favorite part, the stopping of everything midair or the ‘matrix’. The face of the guy is obscured by his hair and so I guess we would be in the shadows as to who this guy really is.


The song started with “A-YO GG!” which is a really good start. Then Sooyoung rapped fairly with what’s supposed to be hip hop actions. Then Yuri followed. Yuri definitely is suited for their current theme and look because she looks mature and not out of place. She also rapped quite fairly, the same as Sooyoung. This is the first SNSD song where the rap goes first or where there’s actually a pretty decent rap that I like.

When Taeyeon started to sing, I find it nice because she looks her age. This suits her because she needs to grow up and start to shed off that cutesy behind her. Seohyun looks out of place. I mean, she really is the innocent type and I think she has a hard time pulling this off. Sunny as usual with her cutesy voice. I hate it when that happens. I heard some SNSD songs where Sunny’s cute voice is not evident and you can actually here a mature voice. I hope that happened here because her voice totally blew off the ‘strong’ image she was supposed to portray.

Yoona rapping? She should stick to it. She’s never one of the good voices in SNSD and I think she can rap if she’ll just have to practice. It’s good too that she’s able to break free from her cutesy and ‘innocent’ image as the face of SNSD and able to give a strong image for this MV. Hyoyeon rapping? I expected it. I mean she usually gets fewer lines alongside with Yoona. I also find her amusing because it seems like she did not need try to ‘act’ for this MV as a strong person but just to act herself and rap and dance her way.

Tiffany with her ever-present eye smile is still ever-present. However, she did this during the slow moments of the song. In the first part where she says, “Here comes trouble!”, I actually find that fierce. Jessica is still pretty. She really does look like a girl going on shopping here.

For the dance, I find it nice but not really that great. It’s really deviation from their previous dance routines. However, it seems like some members are not really good at this popping and hip hop stuff which makes them look like stiff and awkward to look at. Hyoyeon looks good in this because this is her specialty. However, some do have trouble with the step and that’s one the faults that I find in this music video. I do hope they can pull this off on their live performances.

Their clothes. Hmmm… what to say? I don’t like it that much. I think it’s really overdone and layering at it’s best. Since they have lots of strong moves, I hope that they toned down the clothes for us to be able to actually appreciate and for them to clearly define the moves. I actually kept on being distracted with the clothing colors on some parts because it’s somewhat colorful and their background is colorful. Am I watching a rainbow? It’s a good thing that they use white sneakers in some parts because we can see their footworks clearly.


Hairs. It’s a big thing because the hair is a crowing glory for a woman. Most of them actually has their suited for them and the colors are quite nice. My favorites are Sooyoung’s and Jessica’s. My hatest is Sunny’s. The green one is pretty like a moss. It looks like a mop. Short hair suits her but not the green. Pink is also not that flattering because it just made her more like a kid. I don’t understand what the hair stylist thought about this. I think a darker shade of  red suits Sunny more, not pink.


FINALLY, the song. I feel like I’m listening to 2 or 3 different songs, just the same background music. Dubstep? You won’t be disappointed. First part is fierce, strong… showed the cool and strong side of SNSD. Then it started to get slower, but still near the first part. It’s actually a good transition and won’t make you feel lost. However, the TaeTiSeo part made me lost. Am I still watching the same MV? It’s quite confusing because I think the only thing that connected that part to the rest of the song is the background…dubstep. The song, in general, is pretty addictive and I’m currently having an LSS for this.

Overall, the music video is a bit dizzying and confusing, but that’s okay. I’m used to that. I’ll look forward for the drama version, if there is, and I hope it won’t be confusing and would actually have a consistent story line. I quite expected an MV like this because it’s kind of an SNSD counter-MV of SJ’s Sexy, Free and Single.

My score for this music video is: 4/5 (because I got confused while watching the MV)


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