Filipino Time or Just Laziness?

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Every time we have a group project and needs meetings during non-class days, part of the plan is always making the meet-up time 30 minutes earlier. So if we decide on meeting each other at 9 am, we set the meeting time at 8:30. In this way, we can be ‘assured’ that all of us would be at the meeting place by 9:15 or 9:30. You may ask, what kind of logic is this? Logic? Well, it’s just that we put in mind the freaking ‘Filipino’ time.

What is the ‘Filipino’ time? This is the time when a Filipino arrives late at a meeting place. Preferably, 30 minutes late. It’s quite common actually. A lot of people are doing this. And it’s really annoying.

I grew up with my grandmother and at an early age, it was instilled in my mind NEVER to be late. She was an elementary teacher and so she needs to be at  school before 7 am. Ever since I was almost 2 years old, I have been going with her to school and so I was disciplined in the art of going to a meeting place early. I just hoped that this same time discipline has been instilled on ALL PEOPLE. But I was wrong.

One of my hatest things in life is lateness. I hate waiting at the meeting place. I feel like I should have been doing already a lot of things if not for the waiting. I hate my time being wasted by other people. It’s very rude to waste another person’s time and make them wait. It’s like your making yourself special. You’re not. You’re annoying.

So please, please, just don’t be lazy. There’s no such this as Filipino time, just lazy people.

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