PERSON Program?

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So there’s this PERSON Program that is required for my Ethics class. At first, I did not think so hard about this because I thought that this was just something like a one day affair and we need to like ‘experience’ the hardships of work and understand the ‘dignity of human labor’. It turns out that we need to complete 12 hours of work and make a reflection. Dafuq?

My issue here is that I basically already has an idea of this ‘dignity of human labor’ that they talked about. Having a duty twice a week for at most 8 hours without pay (aside from my baon) pretty much sums up my issue. I already know how it feels to work and the responsibility that we shoulder once we’re already in the hospital premises. And we’re required to have a reflection after 12 hours. Our teacher said that it’s okay to put that we didn’t learn anything if it’s true. I have the idea of putting at my reflection paper, “I knew that I should have learned something after 12 hours. But after being exposed to the community and clinical area, I have already learned those before hand. So to say that I learned something awesome for 12 hours is a lie because I daresay that I didn’t”. My reflection would be on that line. 

I REALLY HOPE THAT MY EXPERIENCE WOULD BE UNIQUE. Why? because even having this freaking orientation is already a burden to us. OUT OF ALL THE ORIENTATION DATES, WE DON’T HAVE ANY FREE TIME! So we were thinking, are we the ones who should adjust? We have lessons during those times and we can’t easily tell our teacher, “Pause first, we have an orientation to join”. HECK! Then we went to the KKP office and talked to someone. Our Orientation would be on Monday at 3 pm. ANOTHER HECK! Before that time, I will have a duty at DR from 10 pm of Sunday to 6 am on Monday. I was planning to rest from 8 am to 3 pm just so I won’t really have a bad headache and time during the duty. Then this effing schedule came out and turns out that I need to wake up at 1:30 pm just so I can arrive at school on time. F*** THEIR SYSTEM!

Ugh. I’m really stressed and annoyed right now. 

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