Surviving 2nd Sem-2nd Year Rotations

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Finally, second sem is (almost) over. As of writing, I still have my final NCM Lecture exam tomorrow. I have survived the strict call of BSN 2 Rotations. I have completed my 3 weeks of duty for OB ward, Pedia Ward and of course, DR.

Pediatric Ward Exposure (First Rotation) -German Doctors Hospital

(from left to right: Troy Saber, Faye Uy, Alyssa Tan, me, Sheena Ramos, Ma’am Jennifer Asio, RN, Maila Tejada, Jam Orcullo, Ayen Raagas, Anleanna Sambaan, Francis Rojas)

These are all my awesome groupmates whom I have been with for the whole sem. Seven of these people were also my groupmates ever since the first sem so there was already a preliminary bond that was forged. When two of our groupmates from the first sem were transferred to another group, another three women were added and thus making this Original Pedia Group :)

That lady in the middle is our Original CI, Ms. Jennifer O. Asio RN, MN. Our CI is also a ‘personalize CI’ because even a Nurses’ Notes can go on to atleast 30 minutes of private session. She is also the one who gives us the endorsements for each patient. So it wasn’t a problem for us to know if the client is for pre-lunch weighing or if there are things that should be especially done for the client. Since we did not have any PCI, every problem was addressed to our CI. It was during this rotation that I was able to experience removing a HepLock and do skin testing to a kid. Those were nerve-wracking moments but then the way she guided me through what to do is so motherly that I can’t help but feel a little bit tense … but still tense, though.

The Pedia rotation was pretty much chill and relaxed. Since it was the ward, we get to ask our groupmates if we have any problem and vice versa. Even though there were, uh, mishaps (e.g.”SUNOG!) and other minor problems, we were able to overcome it. We were even able to have a duty at the Medical ward because there wasn’t any patient at the Pedia Ward. But of course, we were partnered with the Third Year. Our only job at that time was to take vital signs and provide general care.

Delivery Room Exposure (2nd Rotation) – Maternity Hospital

This is like the CHILLEST rotation ever. I was able to have one case for cord care. Our shift for this rotation was 10pm to 6am. At arounf 12 midnight, all of us really feel sleepy. So what do you do? ‘TALK’ and ENJOY THE VIEW (if you know what I mean).

So what we do is that we wait for a case. But since it’s a private hospital, a mother giving birth is like food for us. :) So instead of just sitting down and doing nothing but talking, our CI, Ms. Crizelda Bagares, RN, MN, allowed us to have a duty at the NICU. There, we were able to experience how to take care of a newborn baby. We were able to change diaper, feed them and ‘uyog’ their crib when they cry. We also learned how to tighten and put their lampin when they cry nonstop. Some of us were able to experience the Manual Ventilation (‘AmbuBagging’) to a baby.

This rotation is also a pretty eventful rotation. We experienced death (Bless the souls of the babies), creepy experiences, the ‘full show’ at the Gaston Park and the sharing of stories. Too bad we did not have any photo with Ma’am Bagares.

OB Ward Exposure (3rd Rotation) – Maria Reyna-Xavier University Hospital

I don’t have picture for this rotation because our photos are with our PCIs.

So this is the first time that we have ever experienced being alone in a private room. All of us were nervous because you’ll never know what will happen when you’re all alone inside the room. Thankfully, we have our PCIs and they were able to guide us through this rotation.

This is a private hospital and as expected, uphold the ideals. So the actual IV level should be as close or the same as the ideal IV level, morning care should be done, no ‘tambay’ at The Table and other stuffs. We were lucky cause we only had our duty there for 2 weeks, the third week was CP week.

I think the awesomest thing that happened during this rotation was the fireworks during our last day of duty. We didn’t know why there was a firework but we just like to think that it was to celebrate our last day of duty for this sem.

2nd sem went away like a breeze. It’s like everything is so fast. During our last assessment, that was the time when we realized we’ll gonna be already proceeding to third year. It was like just yesterday when I was struggling with the enrollment process for the first year and it was just like moments ago when I felt very nervous for my first day of duty during the first sem.

Time flies real fast. The duty days are never boring. It’s only boring when you do nothing but sit around and make  your duty boring. When you have such fun groupmates, there never was a dull duty day :)

This was during our Case Presentation for Pedia. Those are all our names :)

Photos not mine :)

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