Why Do I Hate Grace Poe’s Commercial?

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Grace Poe, or as how she introduces herself, FPJ’s daughter, is currently running for Senator. Of course, she needs publicity right? And that’s where her commercials  comes in which annoys the hell out of me.

PLASTIC. PURE PLASTIC. The acting is bad and so she should feel bad. “Si Grace Poe”. Heck? And WE know that she’s the daughter of FPJ, but why does she have to use it as part of her commercial? Does that mean that she can’t actually win if she won’t use any influence which was started by her father?

THIS! There’s more about Grace Poe… but I don’t think she’s showing much about her. I think this is all about her father and how she wants to continue  his legacy? FPJ was a great man (Accdg to his friends, I never met him) and I think that using him as the ‘ticket’ for a senatorial seat is just plain low.

I think this is where the Philippine politics is going. Using influential people as backers and using their names to gain votes (Noynoy). She may be a good leader (MAYBE!) but her commercials really annoy the hell out of me. I hope this would end sooner like TODAY!

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