The 3rd Hospital: My First Medical Drama


I actually just started watching this yesterday morning and I have just finished watching it this afternoon. There were a total of 20 episodes with an average of 45 minutes per episode :)

This series was released last year but I didn’t really mind it. For me, it was just another series where a lot of people watched just because a popular girl group member (SNSD’s Sooyoung) is here. I thought it was kind of annoying how people praise Sooyoung for her acting and how awesome this series is. And that’s the reason why I have just watched this series.

The story is about a hospital that was built for the Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine to collaborate. They envision that the future of medicine lies on the collaboration of these two. Eastern Medicine is more on the traditional medicine while Western Medicine is more on the modern science.  However, there is a huge gap between these two Medicines and even doctors doesn’t go along well with each other. But because of some ruckus that happened, they were given 6 months to show the effect of the collaboration or else the sign of the hospital would be taken down.

The reason why they were given 6 months to show the result of their collaboration.

Even from the first part, I’m impressed on how these actors act as if they really do belong in the medical field. I really look forward when there are procedures that happens like the acupuncture and the brain surgeries. It made me see a glimpse of the actual happenings inside the hospital and made me look forward for major and minor operations. The definitions that they flash whenever someone speaks in medical terminologies also helped me understand more about what they’re talking about. I was also pretty amazed on their hospital. It was really pretty and very high-tech. On top of that, it was government owned and made me compare their hospital with our own government owned hospital.

The actors are actually good in acting. Kim Seung Woo , who played Dr. Kim Doohyun (Western Medicine Doctor), the genius Neurosurgeon, is actually fit for his role. He plays the dictator doctor pretty well. However, there are times when keeps his tone too monotonous that made his acting pretty boring and flat. But I like him when he actually shows affection to Dr. Jin (Kim Min Jung). He makes me feel kilig whenever he shows some clues on his true feelings for Dr. Jin.

My wish is that, whenever your cerebrum perceives me, try to secrete as much dopamine from your frontal lobe and serotonin from your brain stem. – Dr. Doohyun to Dr. Jin Hyein.

Oh Ji Ho‘s role is the Eastern Medicine Doctor, Dr. Kim Seunghyun (Eastern Medicine Doctor),  who tries to save Lee Euinji, daughter of his mentor,  from brain tumor by developing a medication that can cure cancer. His mother and girlfriend both died of brain tumor which drove his passion to find develop the medicine for cancer. I actually hoped during the first episodes that him and Dr. Jin would have the happy ending. They look good together and they’re like the perfect couple <3 But he still loves his girlfriend, Choi Euijin, and thinks that it’s his lifelong punishment not to love again because he wasn’t able to save his girlfriend.

Kim Min Jung plays the role of Dr. Jin Hyein (Western Medicine Doctor), a third year specializing Neurosurgeon. She’s under the mentorship of Dr. Doohyun and is the object of Dr. Doohyun’s affection. She’s also called ‘Doohyun’s wife’ because he has been under Dr. Doohyun for 5 years. I like Dr. Jin’s character because she believes in what she thinks is right to the extent that she let Lee Euinji undergo the treatment without even thinking that her doctor’s coat would be removed from her. She’s the kind of doctor that I would love to have :) She’s kind of dense though and it was Dr. Seunghyun who shed light to her true feeling for Dr. Doohyun.

This is Sooyoung‘s first drama and I think it’s quite understandable that her acting is not that great. She played Lee Euinji wh’s diagnosed with brain tumor. She actually annoyed me during her first appearances because she kept on talking on that cutesy voice and too much aegyo for her. But during the later scenes, where she started to experience the symptoms and later on knew about her illness, I started liking her. The downside for her is that there are scenes when she cries, I can’t see tears! But all in all, she did a good job, not great because I’m kind of disappointed with her acting. Her sister, Soojin, played the role of Choi Euinji, the girlfriend of Dr. Seunghyun who died from Brain tumor.

Choi Yoon So is a good actress because she made me hate her. She plays Dr. Jung Seung Hee  (Western Medicine Doctor), a specializing Neurosurgeon, who tries her best to seduce Dr. Doohyun but failed. She’s like frenemies with Dr. Jin ^_^ Im Hyung Joon, who plays Dr. Min Joo Ahn (Eastern Medicine Doctor), is the best friend of of Dr. Seunghyun and likes Dr. Jung. I like seeing these two bicker. In the end, these two became a couple.

This is the psychiatric patient I’m talking about.

The series is really nice and I would recommend it. But it actually has left lots of details. Like the psychiatric patient who told Dr. Doohyun about his brother, I wanna know what happened to her. And that 1st year resident doctor who misplaced the catheter on the doctor’s son, what happened to him? Was he punished? Was his twin also punished? Why was he the one who continued being the doctor? Because a lot of details was left out, some parts of the story became vague. I wish that they actually showed like five cases completely from the start of care until the end.

I actually thought that the case that they would use to show their collaboration was Euinji’s case. She was treated using the equipments of Western Medicine but with the medicine developed by the Eastern Medicine Doctors. It was actually pretty good but still there was the problem that the medicine wasn’t really approve and can cause more problems :( Instead, they used Dr. Hayoon’s case by which he had an emergency brain surgery inside a room with no special equipments. He was operated by Dr. Doohyun and was under Dr. Seunghyun’s acupuncture anesthesia. So I guess that worked out too.

I really hope that they’ll make a second season of this series. Maybe new doctors and new cases. :)

(photos not mine)

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