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Dreams Change My Life

I was looking for some books and I came across this cellophane. I looked at its contents and was surprised to see some of my high school stuffs. I saw some pictures, test papers, handouts and many other random stuffs that made me reminisce about my high school life, especially 2nd year. I was also…


I Used to Hate Muslims

When I was younger, maybe around 6 years old, I have developed this fear and hate for Muslims. Why? Because everytime there is a Muslim-related news on TV, it’s usually about terrorist attack or something related to violence. I was young at that time and didn’t knew any better and so I have generalized that…


Psy’s Gentleman (Music Video Review)

After his worldwide hit Gangnam Style, Psy has followed it up with this new song Gentleman. It is more of an electronic pop song compared to Gangnam. Will this song reach the same popularity as Gangnam? From the start of the song, it’s like a party tune because it’s kind of electric (dubstep?) and some…