Dreams Change My Life

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I was looking for some books and I came across this cellophane. I looked at its contents and was surprised to see some of my high school stuffs. I saw some pictures, test papers, handouts and many other random stuffs that made me reminisce about my high school life, especially 2nd year. I was also surprise to see something that I have already forgotten.





So basically I wrote this when I was in second year of high school. Here’s what I wrote.


I will be a biologist, I will discover different species and name them after me. I will give pride to my family and to the country. I will be one of the immortals of science. I will be a legend.

I will discover ruins. I will be an archaeologist. I will unearth the hidden and lost civilizations. People will know me and my name will be on books, for I, myself will reveal the mysteries of earth’s ancient civilization.

Before those things would happen, I need to study harder to be an honor student. I need to prove to myself, my family, my friends and the people around me that I can do better than my best.

The people who gives me hope are those people whom I cared and loved. My family, my friends, and the special people around me. To the almighty God, the Father, the Son and all in heaven, I thank you all.

I am born for a purpose. My life has a purpose. So what I do could trigger my dreams. I may be smart, but it doesn’t mean I don’t need to study, I need to enhance it. I may be dull, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try, I just need to discover my strength and I need to use it.

As I live, I will try my best to be someone on the eyes of the people. I would be special and have awards. And most of all, have my friends intact because they usually gives me advices and  my family who, without them, would mean, no me.

Yep, I’m ambitious. This was written more or less four years ago. I’m now taking up Nursing, but I hope that I won’t let myself down. I’ll do my best to be on books as one hell of an awesome nurse.

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