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Dear Mayor Oscar ‘Oca’ Moreno,

Karun nga nakadaug naka, Congratulations :) wala diay ko giboto sa imo tungod kay dili pa ko pwede. Kung pwede na unta, iboto taka. Wala ko nagpakusog sa imo, tinuod ni tungod kay gusto ko maka-testing ug bag-o nga leader dani sa atong dakbayan. Kani nga letter akong gi-post tungod kay gusto ko nga daghan…


On Vice Ganda vs. Nancy Binay

It’s quite amazing to hear a celebrity being open on his (her?) view about just everything especially politics. Celebrities tend to keep their mouth shut and just say good things to keep their image as good and clean as possible. But Vice Ganda is another story, he is known for being outspoken and he again…


Coleen Perlas: Yet Another Hate Ranter

I was reading some tweets when I came across the names Coleen and Maxene and how we should stop caring about them. I didn’t have any net connection for three days so I wasn’t that updated with what’s happening in the social media. I was curious because I thought it was about Coleen Garcia and…