Coleen Perlas: Yet Another Hate Ranter


I was reading some tweets when I came across the names Coleen and Maxene and how we should stop caring about them. I didn’t have any net connection for three days so I wasn’t that updated with what’s happening in the social media. I was curious because I thought it was about Coleen Garcia and Maxene Magalona, both Filipino celebrities. It turns out that it’s actually about Coleen Perlas and Maxine Gozon, people I didn’t know about until I watched a video more than 5 minutes long.

So she’s ranting about this malandi girl named Maxine Gozon and stuff and how high this Maxine girl thinks she is and how she will fall into a tae (shit, feces, whatever you call it). She’s talking how about how she can’t say everything she said on this video because they’re not at the same place.

This Coleen girl is being childish with this stuff. First she rant for the world to know how she hates this girl. Then she speaks in English (for some parts) and she should have prepared a script with the grammar checked to avoid being bashed about her freaking grammar. She currently lives abroad.

I have been reading tweets about her and the hate tweets are definitely on the rise. Tweets about her grammar and about how she shows her hatred to the other person. I have also read her personal tweets on her second Twitter account and found out that she’s actually tweeting back to her haters which is not a good thing to do. First, she releases a hate video then fights with people over Twitter? Not a smart move.

She should release her ‘official statement’. Maybe as official as she can as long as she explains why she did it and let this die down. Amalayer has died down after only a few weeks of high-time after people just forgot about it and move on. This high on this video will just last for a few weeks or days and die a natural death because people will eventually get tired of watching a tween girl ranting on a video.

I really don’t understand why people would release such things then get angry if they get hate comments about it. DUH?! And I don’t get it why these kinds of videos should be released/published/uploaded. I mean, it’s your personal life, do you want to humiliate the person or yourself? Because the one who’s getting the worse end is the one making the video while the other one,well, she’ll also get a bad end but the spotlight won’t be on her.

Great job Coleen for having your instant fame. And oh, ever heard of medications for colds?

2 comments on “Coleen Perlas: Yet Another Hate Ranter”

  1. OA lang tlaga si Coleen… magkapitbahay kasi si Maxine Gozon tsaka siya, kaya nag-away yang dalawa..OA naman ng mga sinabi fact magkatapat lang po kasi yung school nila…si coleen kasi sa SMA, tapos si Maxine tga SCPS….tsaka dati rin kasing tga-SMA si Maxine kya rin ganun…nagtrend lang talaga yan dahil dun sa mga nagkalat ng video..di nila akalain na magtrend sa twitter and fb po yung video ng Coleen Perlas na yun.. :)

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