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Travelling Business Class

It was my mom who bought our tickets for our trip to Canada (MLA-YVR). We were to board  a  plane of PAL with a no-stop over flight. That means that we will have a 12-hour long travel. To prepare for it, I started to research more about PAL and their planes. There are like two…


Living Abroad is NOT Easy

When I told some of my friends that I’m already moving to Canada, a lot of them said “Maypa ka” or “Wow, you’re so lucky”. At that time, I thought I was. I was living  the dream of lots of Filipinos! But when I moved here, it’s not really that easy. The only family that…


On Moving to Canada

It has been 9 days since I have touched down at Vancouver International Airport. It has been 9 days since I have been an official landed immigrant and permanent resident of Canada. It was and still is a big move. Moving out of the country is a very big sacrifice because I have to leave…