Living Abroad is NOT Easy

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When I told some of my friends that I’m already moving to Canada, a lot of them said “Maypa ka” or “Wow, you’re so lucky”. At that time, I thought I was. I was living  the dream of lots of Filipinos! But when I moved here, it’s not really that easy.

The only family that I have here is my parents. I don’t have my grandma or aunt here that I can easily talk to. All of my friends are back in the Philippines. I don’t have a job YET so I don’t have work friends YET. I really do hope that I can someday have lots of friends here that I can hang out with so that I won’t just keep on staying in the house.

Clothes are pretty pricey. But guess what? I was able to buy lots of clothes at THRIFT STORES! A lot would say, ew! I used to think that too. But after going to one thrift store, I realized that it was a high-class ukay-ukay. The clothes are all up in hangers so you don’t have to dig deep and most of the clothes are branded! Some were even just barely used! How awesome is that? Of course we still have to wash it before using but still, it’s a really good bargain. Some people wants to be ‘Canadian’ or ‘American’-like, then go buy at ukay-ukay.

Another is my problem with my education. Because I wasn’t able to be part of the K-12, I don’t even know if I’ll still be a college/university student this school year or if I’ll still go back as a high school senior. No way will I go back to high school but I don’t really know what will happen.

Gosh, I may living the Canadian dream but it’s far from happy ending YET! I need to work HARD. gosh.

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