Travelling Business Class

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It was my mom who bought our tickets for our trip to Canada (MLA-YVR). We were to board  a  plane of PAL with a no-stop over flight. That means that we will have a 12-hour long travel. To prepare for it, I started to research more about PAL and their planes.

There are like two ‘classifications’ of the PAL passengers, the Mabuhay and Fiesta passengers. The Fiesta passengers are those who paid for like the regular fare. The Fiesta class is like the general class and is much cheaper. The downside is that it’s seats are close together and there’s not much space to move if you want.

Then the Mabuhay class where you pay a much higher rate but hey, the amenities are much better. Bigger space and fully customizable chair. Another thing is that it’s the stewardess who readies your table for the meal!

My dad and I were originally booked for the Fiesta class. I didn’t mind it that much. So we went to check-in at NAIA five hours before our flight. We were afraid to be held up at such long lines that is very much known for international departures. When we talked to the check-in attendant, she told us that we would be seated at 72 E&F! That’s like near the tail of the airplane! Then an elder guy came and saw our seat numbers. He went to another computer and told us, “It’s okay. I’ll handle this. If the counter will call your name, just go there”. My dad and I looked at each other and just thanked the man.

At around 2:30, the personnel started to call the passengers. So we went to the waiting area. Suddenly, we heard our names being called! We were wondering  why and it was my dad who stood up and asked about it. It turned out that it was our new boarding pass and we have a new seat! It was now on 4 D&E! Much nearer to the door. When the line started for boarding, it was the business class people who were allowed to board first. The person beside us asked, “Oh, is this the line for class D?” My dad just replied, “I don’t know. But I guess we can just line here, it’s the same plan anyway. We’ll still go to the same place”. I looked at our tickets and saw that we were in CLASS C. I still didn’t know what that meant.

When we boarded the plane, we saw that we will be seating at the front part of the plane! Since we’re at seats 4, we were situated  at the back part of the cabin near the restroom. YAY! CONVENIENCE! While seating there, people kept on looking at us but I did not know why. I just sat there and explored a bit. After take-off, it was really comfortable. My dad and I were sitting comfortably and we were served with great foods… a FULL-COURSE MEAL!

My dad said he’ll go to the restroom and when he came back, he said, “Look at those people at the back, they’re so cramped”. Then he added, “Thank goodness we were upgraded to Business Class”. WHAT?! We’re at the business class? I was so shocked after I heard that. So we were like upgraded! How cool is that?

It was a really fun experience. This just made me realize that I would want to ride in business class again when I go home to the Philippines :)

(Photos not mine. All credits goes to the owner/s.)

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