My Filipino-speaking Voice vs. English-speaking Voice

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When I was still in the Philippines, I was never really conscious about my voice’s pitch. Of course I had some moments where I would think how high my my voice is or whatever. However, when I reached here in Canada, I realized that my English-speaking voice is quite different from my Filipino-speaking voice!

Whenever I speak Filipino, or more specifically Bisaya, my voice is quite deeper and louder. And I would also talk  more fast. The best reason that I could think of is that it’s my first dialect and so I am very comfortable and familiar with it. I am also confident in speaking it and so my voice is really louder.

The moment I realized that I have different voice-pitch when I speak in English was when I took up ESL classes. Of course I have to speak in English and everytime I speak up, my pitch is definitely higher! And my volume is quite lower that I have to kind of strain my chords (just sometimes) just to be heard. I think one of the main reason is that I’m not really used in speaking English all the time and so I’m still trying to gain confidence in my English-speaking skill.

Oh well, all I could do now is actually practice my English-speaking skill. I kind of don’t like how my pitch goes higher so I would really try to talk using my Filipino-speaking tone, if that could happen.

Sige :)

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