A Hope for Studies This Year

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So ever since I got my rejection letter from GPRC stating that I can’t be accepted for Nursing for this school year, I never thought that I would have the chance to enter school this year. I was kind of planning already to just work for a year, apply then hope for the best that I would finally be accepted for Nursing. A day after I received that letter, I emailed someone about my inquiries if whether or not I should take some subjects to be considered for Nursing again or no and he said that I probably should take up OPEN STUDIES!

Open studies as I understand it is like being an irregular student. I don’t have a program yet and I would be taking some upgrading courses and other support courses (minor subjects) for Nursing. So for now, I’m still waiting for an email that would say that I’m eligible for Open Studies then confirm it then go to school! But of course I still have to work. But whatever, I really want to go to school!

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