Sam Concepcion’s No Limitations (Review)

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This is like the next song that I’ve heard from him after I heard him sing in Kris TV (that was a long time ago). He was singing Forever Young and still, his talent in performing is very much visible. Gone was the boy who won Little Big Star. He is no longer the skinny Boy Bawang of Super Inggo. He is now the manly, hawt and talented Sam Concepcion.

I have never expected him to have music like this. I used to think that he would stick to like bright music videos and songs. But, I was proven wrong. His manliness and darker side showed. His biceps and abs… oohh, he grew up reaaaaally well. The whole music video is shown in darker hue maybe to add seriousness and mysteriousness of the MV.

The MV might be set post-apocalyptic or in the future. There were flying cars and tall buildings. People were clothed in dark-colored clothes. The setting is in a room where there is a chandelier on one side and appears to be quite worn.

Sam’s voice definitely change. I remember seeing comments before when he sang “Kung Fu Fighting” about how girly and high-pitch his voice was. If those people can hear him now, they might flip out. He sounds so good right now and the song is a definite awesomeness. And add those dance choreography. It might not be the most awesome out there but it’s definitely a something.

When the mystery girl was revealed, I was quite disappointed to see Solenn. It’s not because she’s not good enough (SHE’S PRETTY!) but because I think she’s too old for Sam. During the ‘intimate’ parts that they have, I can’t feel any spark whatsoever about them. They look good together but they just don’t make the cut. This is the only part though that I got so disappointed.

I’m quite happy right now to see this music video. Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for a long time to see Filipino music videos like this, Well-thought and tailored. You can really see the effort that they exerted to make this video something that many people would want to watch. They should be given a pat on the back. This is something world-class.

Rating: 4/5

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