On Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and F(x)’s Sulli’s Dating News

[Choiza] is only a sunbae who is like a brother to Sulli. They are not dating. Since they are close, they meet often.

– SM Entertainment’s Statement

Of course,  being lovey dovey with your bestfriend is not a bad thing. I do that with my friends too, of course girl bestfriends. I hold their hands, link hands with them and hug them. But even that has its limitations. According to SM, they are close. How close? This close that they are basically holding hands?

Let’s get this straight. A girl and a boy, if they are bestfriends, when holding hands together is not a rare sight. But they don’t usually just stay this close and they usually have some space between them. As far as Sulli and Choiza’s photos look, this doesn’t look like your normal girl and boy friendship dates but looks like a date between two mature adults.

Why is this a freaking issue? Because Sulli is an idol and Choiza is an established artist and I think (and a lot do too) that their pairing is random. But hey! They look like they’re dating and contented with each other. Who are we to sabotage their happiness? Can’t we just let them date in peace? Don’t you know how difficult it might have been for them to maybe cover-up their whole relationship?

Why can’t idols date in peace? I really think that a lot of idols have hidden relationships. But you know, they understand each other so maybe they have this unspoken rule of just letting other idols be. It’s difficult when you keep telling the public that you’re single and available even if you’re not. You’re not just hurting yourself but also hurting your partner. Why should a relationship, a normal occurrence that happens when two people loves each other, be something that they should keep hidden?

So fans, if your idols have a love life, be happy. Don’t try to mess it up because they don’t need it. They also need to experience something normal. Of course you have your OTP but remember that those are perhaps just your imagination. Keep it to yourself.  And entertainment companies, you really should make a more believable story if you would like to cover-up these whole dating stories of your idols.



On Messenger Wars

So apparently, there are already lots of messengers that have been sprouting. Of course, being the curious kitty cat that I am, I decided to try those popular apps right now. These apps are: LINE (Japan), Kakao Talk (Korea), Kik (Canada) and WeChat (China). Why am I trying these messengers? Simple. Because I like to meet new people. Being the homebody that I am, I rarely go out. This is a great way for me to meet people even from other places.


This is the first ever messenger that I’ve tried. I first used it on my Samsung Pocket phone and it was nice. I got to meet people from other places. But the fun was shortlived. There is only a limited choices for the location. Therefore, I chose that location nearest to my real location. It was kind of annoying actually. WeChat was starting to get popular in our place at that time but the people that I kept on seeing on “People Nearby” were Chinese from Mainland China. Really? How freaking close is that?

The good side of this is that you can use the shake feature. So like you can find people whoare also shaking their phones. It kind of looks weird actually especially in public but it was fun. I got to meet some people too. It gets awkward though if the person next to you is also shaking their phone, so therefore you get to chat with them.

Kakao Talk

I first got into Kakao Talk because of K-Pop. All these idols being on AKP because of their messages on Kakao piqued my curiosity up. I was entranced by its promise of cute emoji and stickers. Of course being the fan of cute things that I am, I downloaded it. So I was excited about its interface because it was super cute and easy to move around. However, after registering, I got bored. Why? There’s nothing much to do especially if your friends don’t have any Kakao account. There’s no way of meeting new people in Kakao app except if you like to post your ID on any forums or sites or share it with other people online.

Currently, I have 0 Kakao Talk friends. That’s super fun right?


This one for me is Version 2.0 of Kakao Talk. They kind of have the same interface but also different in ways. They have this so-called Timeline where you can post whatever you like. Status and photos can be posted here. It’s like their version of your Facebook. They also have this in-app game which I actually have never played. Basically, I have only registered for LINE but never really used it. It’s just in my messenger folders.

They also have cute stickers which I haven’t used. I also have 1 friend here which I don’t know who. It’s weird right? I just imported my contacts and poof! A friend is on LINE. I’ll just have to ask my friends who has LINE because this is not a good messenger to randomly talk to people except if you actually post your ID on any forums or websites online.

KiK Messenger

This is the latest messenger that I am using. I’m quite satisfied with it because it never crashed and I met people here. Just so you know, there are lots of perverts here so seeing some private parts is common *shudder*. So if you’re that conservative maiden or is practicing visual celibacy or something, then this messenger is possibly not for you. I have experienced a lot of people just sending a photo and it’s quite disconcerting at times. But when this happens, I just block them or not reply to them at all.

They have a website called Kikfriends (www.kikfriends.com) where you can post your profile and then wait for someone to message you. As I mentioned, there are lots of pervs here so posting your username is at your discretion. But I have also met lots of nice people here too.

One thing that I like about KiK is that you can see if your message was sent or not. So if you send the message, there would be an “S” beside it saying that it is sending. When it’s finally delivered but not opened, “D” will be seen beside the message. If it’s finally opened, “R” is seen beside the message which meant “Read”. Another cool thing about this app is that you know if the person you are chatting with is typing. So when the other types, you can see “Someone is typing…” on the header part.
There are lots of cool things for KiK like the meme maker. Unfortunately, their emojis are lacking and their smiley face is like a person who just got high. But nevertheless, this app is good.

Obviously, the only app that I’ve really enjoyed and used its full capability is KiK. But we have our own preferences for these different messages. Just so you know, keep your private and personal details by yourself. 😊

Things I’ve Learned From Watching Property Brothers

(l-r) Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott

So I just got the hang of watching the Property Brothers. It is a show which features TWINS Drew and Jonathan Scott, Drew being the Real Estate Expert and Jonathan being the Contractor. Aside from those amazing renovations that they do, another reason why I watch this show is because they just look so good. ^_^
I’ve been watching reno and design shows even back home but this is my first time watching this show here. I’m also amazed about the things that I’ve learned.

  • When buying a house, having it checked by the inspector is recommended. That’s because they usually meet a big problem everytime a client does not choose this option. This is also good because the house hunters gets to be informed of the possible structural problems and other problems.
  • The older the house, the more chances in finding asbestos. Like there are times when they have to like pause for sometime because the asbestos should not be disturbed.
  • Open concept is an awesome concept. I have always wanted a house where there are lots of natural light and this is the answer! Open concept is basically a no-wall barrier between the kitchen and dining room and maybe a small railing or no wall at all up to the living room.
  • Expect the walls (that you want to take down for an open concept) are structural and if there’s a second floor, expect to add a beam. Structural means that it actually supports the structure of the house so bringing it down can affect the house. A beam kind of supports the roof of the house.
  • Find a good fixer upper. They can either make your home your dream home or the horror house.
  • No matter how much work he does, Jonathan’s hair never experiences a bad hair day. Like how does he do that? Hair stylist in between takes?
  • Jonathan always wear plaid and Drew is always on formal clothes.

I just love watching Property Brothers. Just try closing your eyes and listen to the twins’ voice, you’ll have a long time to figure out who’s speaking. You can identify them but maybe if you *really* know the difference in their voice.

I can’t wait for the new episodes of the Property Brothers.

On Looking for a Job

Looking for a job is as difficult as it sounds, looking for a job. I’ve been unemployed for two weeks now and maybe for the rest of the month. Since we’re moving to another place this month, it’s just logical that I would start finding a job now on that new place.

Since I’m still building up my resume, I’m still thankful that I finally have one work experience. Let’s just hope that it’s good enough. As I was browsing through the job listings and the only things that I know I can handle is being a cashier (my childhood fantasy ^_^). From now on, I should not be picky about the jobs that I would be applying for. I’m trying to build my resume here, earn money then go to school. Add additional expense of paying for the house and other womanly stuff that I would like to buy.

gah! This is really stressing me out. I wish that I could go back to the days where my only concern is finishing school. But it’s better this way. I get to learn about real life earlier.

SNSD’s Galaxy Supernova (MV Review)

Girl’s Generation is back again! They’ve just released their newest Japanese music video for Galaxy Supernova. Of course, the SONEs all over the world are celebrating. I’m not really their biggest fan but I do enjoy their songs (and some of their variety shows).

This time, SNSD has stick to the electric side of music and with their uber colorful set. Of course SM Entertainment never drifted away from their constant concept… the box concept. However, this time’s box concept is a very colorful box concept that can make your head spin… literally. Since they’ve just released the dance version, it’s understandable that they don’t really have much close-ups.

Their clothes right now are more toned down… way toned down compared to I Got A Boy. Their clothes consists of metallic colors which looks good against their colorful background.  They also wear midriff tops and skinny jeans (which looks good on them) and those futuristic metallic dresses.

My thoughts goes to Yoona. Seriously, she improved really good from their Into the New World Days. However, if you look closely, she looks so stiff and all but still able to carry those dance moves. Well, kudos for her improvements.

AKP mentioned about the normal version being uploaded already but it was deleted/blocked. I don’t know what happened to it but that’s really far from my concern. For now, all I want to see is the full version of their Beep Beep which was released for a few months already. I’ve heard that they won’t be released through their Youtube channel but through their album. So I guess I’ll just be waiting for a good-hearted SONE to upload it online.

Rating: 4/5 (and that “tut tut tut tu tu”… you just can’t get that out of your head)

On Learning Baybayin

Baybayin (or wrongly known as Alibata) is the ancient writing of the Philippines. My interest for Baybayin started when I was in high school but it’s just now that I’ve taken the time to pratice it.
Practising writing Baybayin is difficult. The main reason is that this wasn’t taught in the school and I wasn’t really exposed to this. When I saw the characters, it really looked foreign to me and I was at awe. These characters looks so cool!

Then I started practising with it. First with my name, then my parents’ name then more Filipino words. It’s quite fun actually because I feel so unique knowing this art of writing where only a few Filipinos takes interest in.

As I practice writing, I divide the word into syllables based on how I hear them and how they were supposed to be in Tagalog. This is kind of tricky actually because there are times when I think if what I’m doing is right or wrong. What made it more difficult to learn this is that there’s no website that I can find that offers practice lessons for Baybayin. It gets me so frustrated to just follow the principles that I’ve read and take it from there.
My learning in writing to write Baybayin can be compared to how I learned writing in Korean. First is that I divide the word by syllables then supply the corresponding letter. Except for Baybayin, one syllable is one character.
Truthfully, I find learning the Korean writing easier than learning this. Well, it just adds to the fun, right?
Below is my name in the English alphabet, in Baybayin and in the Korean Alphabet.


K-Pop Songs I Wish Had Music Videos

I’m not new to this K-Pop things and I’ve already heard bunch of songs. There are those meh songs and there are those ah-mazing songs. Awesomely, some of these ah-mazing songs have Music Videos (rejoice! rejoice!) which I can watch and spazz for a long time. Unfortunately, some of these songs didn’t have MV so I’m  just left to imagine how this would have been if ever they made an MV for it.

GD and TOP’s What Do You Want? (Eojjeoran Marinya?)

One of my fave songs in their album. Since this is mainly GD, I can imagine him on stage on this retro clothes with a retro mic (think WG’s Nobody concept) with his weird hair. I can imagine him rocking the stage then having to change another scene with new sets of clothes now in modern style. I guess I’ll just be stuck on whatever he can do with this MV on my head.

SNSD’s Look at Me

This is one of my favorite songs in their latest album I Got A Boy. I actually like this better that IGAB. The song is catchy and fast beat and is pretty much SNSD. They did not stray really far from their roots (?) unlike with what they did with the uber confusing track called I Got A Boy. During the song break (is that how you call it?), the part before the final chorus, I imagine Hyoyeon giving her all in showing her dancing talent. Since the song is a fast song, their dance steps could also be pretty fast and catchy. I want to see a dance choreo for this.

Super Junior’s White Christmas

Since it’s already the start of the Ber-months and I’m patiently waiting for their comeback, this song deserves a spot. Of course it’s a Christmas Song and it is a happy song. I want to see them sing and have fun with this song. Like you know, show more of their dorky sides and stuff.

Bebe Mignon’s Stupid Oppa

This is the song that made me search more of Bebe Mignon. Their voices are so cute and sweet and mellow and touching and I just love listening to them. Too bad this song doesn’t have a music video because I’m pretty sure it would be one of those white-themed aegyo-filled music video. But who cares? The song would suit it.


The Value of Education

From kindergarten to 2nd year university, I never had a problem about my education. My parents are more than capable to send me to school. My mom is an OFW and every dollar she sends to me gets converted to peso so its value becomes big. My dad is a police officer so he has a steady source of income. I never had problems about having to line-up for a promissory note or whatever.

Since high school, I was able to study in one of the most prestigious high school of our region, Xavier University High School. It is known to be one of the top schools in the city. In addition to that, it is also an Ateneo school, part of the schools run by the Jesuits,. Clearly, the school is both prestigious and at the top of their game. Of course, quality education does not come cheap (in the Philippines) and so my parents have to pay a big sum of money per year. My tuition for four years ranged from Php31,000 to PhP40,000. It’s a pretty hefty price but I never had problems with it. It was my parents who had to pay for my tuition and all I did was study and do good.

When I reached university, I enrolled at the University department of our school, Xavier University and entered the College of Nursing. At this point of time, I still relied on my parents to send me to school. I didn’t have to pay for anything. They paid my pricey tuition fees per semester and gave me my allowance. They also gave me extra money for my extra expenses and whats-it. Nursing is not an easy course and does not come cheap.There are lots of things that we have to buy and pay but I never had problems with money.

Now that I’m in Canada, I started to realize how important education is. During my two years of University at XU, I was quite the lazy student. If I don’t understand the subject, I only put like quarter of my effort, just enough for me to pass. I was not mindful of my actions and was insensitive enough to not realize how hard my parents worked for me to able to study. I almost failed some of my subjects. I was happy to get a grade of “D” for some subjects that I did not realize at that time how stupid my happiness was.

For this school year, I don’t have a chance to go to school. One because the deadlines are done and two because we don’t have enough money. University here is very expensive especially for us who were only here for a short time. We weren’t able to save enough money to send me immediately to school. It’s an awful feeling to think that what I took granted before is now what I’m yearning for.

I do hope to be back to school by next year. I don’t know how but I want to. Finishing a degree is very important for me because it’s something that I can hold on to for the rest of my life. This could be my only hope to succeed in the future. And how do I do that? Well, I’m planning to work for this year until before school next year to pay for my dues. Hopefully, I can go back to school next year. Hopefully.

I Need a New Job

My summer job has just finished and now I’m jobless again. I need to find a new find ASAP because I have to save for my school next year. Oh bother.

I’m quite focusing on finding jobs right now that will enable me to talk to people like a receptionist. My former job was mostly found at the storage room and I’m usually in front of the computer. Well, a receptionist does face the computer but atleast I can have more exposure and chances to talk to people.

I’m also looking at being a cashier. It may not  be the most glamorous job out there but I can’t be choosy. Also, there are lots of hiring for cashiers right now because school has just started so I guess I’ll give it a shot…maybe.

Finding a job is not as easy as it seems. But the feeling of getting your paycheck is really awesome and the feeling is so good. You’ve put an effort on something and you see it as money, priceless.