I Need a New Job

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My summer job has just finished and now I’m jobless again. I need to find a new find ASAP because I have to save for my school next year. Oh bother.

I’m quite focusing on finding jobs right now that will enable me to talk to people like a receptionist. My former job was mostly found at the storage room and I’m usually in front of the computer. Well, a receptionist does face the computer but atleast I can have more exposure and chances to talk to people.

I’m also looking at being a cashier. It may not  be the most glamorous job out there but I can’t be choosy. Also, there are lots of hiring for cashiers right now because school has just started so I guess I’ll give it a shot…maybe.

Finding a job is not as easy as it seems. But the feeling of getting your paycheck is really awesome and the feeling is so good. You’ve put an effort on something and you see it as money, priceless.

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