K-Pop Songs I Wish Had Music Videos

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I’m not new to this K-Pop things and I’ve already heard bunch of songs. There are those meh songs and there are those ah-mazing songs. Awesomely, some of these ah-mazing songs have Music Videos (rejoice! rejoice!) which I can watch and spazz for a long time. Unfortunately, some of these songs didn’t have MV so I’m  just left to imagine how this would have been if ever they made an MV for it.

GD and TOP’s What Do You Want? (Eojjeoran Marinya?)

One of my fave songs in their album. Since this is mainly GD, I can imagine him on stage on this retro clothes with a retro mic (think WG’s Nobody concept) with his weird hair. I can imagine him rocking the stage then having to change another scene with new sets of clothes now in modern style. I guess I’ll just be stuck on whatever he can do with this MV on my head.

SNSD’s Look at Me

This is one of my favorite songs in their latest album I Got A Boy. I actually like this better that IGAB. The song is catchy and fast beat and is pretty much SNSD. They did not stray really far from their roots (?) unlike with what they did with the uber confusing track called I Got A Boy. During the song break (is that how you call it?), the part before the final chorus, I imagine Hyoyeon giving her all in showing her dancing talent. Since the song is a fast song, their dance steps could also be pretty fast and catchy. I want to see a dance choreo for this.

Super Junior’s White Christmas

Since it’s already the start of the Ber-months and I’m patiently waiting for their comeback, this song deserves a spot. Of course it’s a Christmas Song and it is a happy song. I want to see them sing and have fun with this song. Like you know, show more of their dorky sides and stuff.

Bebe Mignon’s Stupid Oppa

This is the song that made me search more of Bebe Mignon. Their voices are so cute and sweet and mellow and touching and I just love listening to them. Too bad this song doesn’t have a music video because I’m pretty sure it would be one of those white-themed aegyo-filled music video. But who cares? The song would suit it.


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