SNSD’s Galaxy Supernova (MV Review)

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Girl’s Generation is back again! They’ve just released their newest Japanese music video for Galaxy Supernova. Of course, the SONEs all over the world are celebrating. I’m not really their biggest fan but I do enjoy their songs (and some of their variety shows).

This time, SNSD has stick to the electric side of music and with their uber colorful set. Of course SM Entertainment never drifted away from their constant concept… the box concept. However, this time’s box concept is a very colorful box concept that can make your head spin… literally. Since they’ve just released the dance version, it’s understandable that they don’t really have much close-ups.

Their clothes right now are more toned down… way toned down compared to I Got A Boy. Their clothes consists of metallic colors which looks good against their colorful background.  They also wear midriff tops and skinny jeans (which looks good on them) and those futuristic metallic dresses.

My thoughts goes to Yoona. Seriously, she improved really good from their Into the New World Days. However, if you look closely, she looks so stiff and all but still able to carry those dance moves. Well, kudos for her improvements.

AKP mentioned about the normal version being uploaded already but it was deleted/blocked. I don’t know what happened to it but that’s really far from my concern. For now, all I want to see is the full version of their Beep Beep which was released for a few months already. I’ve heard that they won’t be released through their Youtube channel but through their album. So I guess I’ll just be waiting for a good-hearted SONE to upload it online.

Rating: 4/5 (and that “tut tut tut tu tu”… you just can’t get that out of your head)

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