On Messenger Wars

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So apparently, there are already lots of messengers that have been sprouting. Of course, being the curious kitty cat that I am, I decided to try those popular apps right now. These apps are: LINE (Japan), Kakao Talk (Korea), Kik (Canada) and WeChat (China). Why am I trying these messengers? Simple. Because I like to meet new people. Being the homebody that I am, I rarely go out. This is a great way for me to meet people even from other places.


This is the first ever messenger that I’ve tried. I first used it on my Samsung Pocket phone and it was nice. I got to meet people from other places. But the fun was shortlived. There is only a limited choices for the location. Therefore, I chose that location nearest to my real location. It was kind of annoying actually. WeChat was starting to get popular in our place at that time but the people that I kept on seeing on “People Nearby” were Chinese from Mainland China. Really? How freaking close is that?

The good side of this is that you can use the shake feature. So like you can find people whoare also shaking their phones. It kind of looks weird actually especially in public but it was fun. I got to meet some people too. It gets awkward though if the person next to you is also shaking their phone, so therefore you get to chat with them.

Kakao Talk

I first got into Kakao Talk because of K-Pop. All these idols being on AKP because of their messages on Kakao piqued my curiosity up. I was entranced by its promise of cute emoji and stickers. Of course being the fan of cute things that I am, I downloaded it. So I was excited about its interface because it was super cute and easy to move around. However, after registering, I got bored. Why? There’s nothing much to do especially if your friends don’t have any Kakao account. There’s no way of meeting new people in Kakao app except if you like to post your ID on any forums or sites or share it with other people online.

Currently, I have 0 Kakao Talk friends. That’s super fun right?


This one for me is Version 2.0 of Kakao Talk. They kind of have the same interface but also different in ways. They have this so-called Timeline where you can post whatever you like. Status and photos can be posted here. It’s like their version of your Facebook. They also have this in-app game which I actually have never played. Basically, I have only registered for LINE but never really used it. It’s just in my messenger folders.

They also have cute stickers which I haven’t used. I also have 1 friend here which I don’t know who. It’s weird right? I just imported my contacts and poof! A friend is on LINE. I’ll just have to ask my friends who has LINE because this is not a good messenger to randomly talk to people except if you actually post your ID on any forums or websites online.

KiK Messenger

This is the latest messenger that I am using. I’m quite satisfied with it because it never crashed and I met people here. Just so you know, there are lots of perverts here so seeing some private parts is common *shudder*. So if you’re that conservative maiden or is practicing visual celibacy or something, then this messenger is possibly not for you. I have experienced a lot of people just sending a photo and it’s quite disconcerting at times. But when this happens, I just block them or not reply to them at all.

They have a website called Kikfriends (www.kikfriends.com) where you can post your profile and then wait for someone to message you. As I mentioned, there are lots of pervs here so posting your username is at your discretion. But I have also met lots of nice people here too.

One thing that I like about KiK is that you can see if your message was sent or not. So if you send the message, there would be an “S” beside it saying that it is sending. When it’s finally delivered but not opened, “D” will be seen beside the message. If it’s finally opened, “R” is seen beside the message which meant “Read”. Another cool thing about this app is that you know if the person you are chatting with is typing. So when the other types, you can see “Someone is typing…” on the header part.
There are lots of cool things for KiK like the meme maker. Unfortunately, their emojis are lacking and their smiley face is like a person who just got high. But nevertheless, this app is good.

Obviously, the only app that I’ve really enjoyed and used its full capability is KiK. But we have our own preferences for these different messages. Just so you know, keep your private and personal details by yourself. 😊

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