On Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and F(x)’s Sulli’s Dating News

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[Choiza] is only a sunbae who is like a brother to Sulli. They are not dating. Since they are close, they meet often.

– SM Entertainment’s Statement

Of course,  being lovey dovey with your bestfriend is not a bad thing. I do that with my friends too, of course girl bestfriends. I hold their hands, link hands with them and hug them. But even that has its limitations. According to SM, they are close. How close? This close that they are basically holding hands?

Let’s get this straight. A girl and a boy, if they are bestfriends, when holding hands together is not a rare sight. But they don’t usually just stay this close and they usually have some space between them. As far as Sulli and Choiza’s photos look, this doesn’t look like your normal girl and boy friendship dates but looks like a date between two mature adults.

Why is this a freaking issue? Because Sulli is an idol and Choiza is an established artist and I think (and a lot do too) that their pairing is random. But hey! They look like they’re dating and contented with each other. Who are we to sabotage their happiness? Can’t we just let them date in peace? Don’t you know how difficult it might have been for them to maybe cover-up their whole relationship?

Why can’t idols date in peace? I really think that a lot of idols have hidden relationships. But you know, they understand each other so maybe they have this unspoken rule of just letting other idols be. It’s difficult when you keep telling the public that you’re single and available even if you’re not. You’re not just hurting yourself but also hurting your partner. Why should a relationship, a normal occurrence that happens when two people loves each other, be something that they should keep hidden?

So fans, if your idols have a love life, be happy. Don’t try to mess it up because they don’t need it. They also need to experience something normal. Of course you have your OTP but remember that those are perhaps just your imagination. Keep it to yourself.  And entertainment companies, you really should make a more believable story if you would like to cover-up these whole dating stories of your idols.


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